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  1. How To: Extend Hood Lift w/ Prop Relocation

    5th Gen
    So some of you may have wondered at some point what the purpose of this hole is: Well fuck if I know myself but I decided to come up with my own purpose and share my solution with you all. This is the normal perch for the prop when the hood is open: There seems to be another over here...
  2. Write-Up: Easy and simple LED cluster conversion

    5th Gen
    This took me a while to stumble upon. I wanted to do an LED conversion a long time ago but I didn't feel like dicking around with LED strips or making a custom PCB for the limited space behind the 5th gen cluster. This method achieves the same results as using LED strips and is much simpler...
  3. Steering Rack Leak Question!!

    okay so im sorry in advance for any stupid questions or inexperience, im slowly learning the basic mechanics of my car. So I had my car jacked up on the front driver side while I was switching out my brake pads and noticed a leak coming out of the steering rack. The leak seemed to look almost...
  4. name that sensor!!!

    5th Gen
    sorry for shit quality pic - but i need to know this sensor before i stick the motor back in - this is on my h22a4 - the one on the h22a was broken (courtesy of tigerjapanese and or yellow shipping) so all i need to do is swap them... i hope but its on the back center of the block just above...
  5. how to remove stripped bolts?

    5th Gen
    Ill provide a picture at the end of this....but the problem is i was takin off bolts on the bracket holding on the cams and only one of them were stripped.....i didnt even do it!!!! But I haft to get it off, i tried a few things but it made it in i need some ideas...