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  1. Any RX350 retrofits?

    5th Gen
    I'm about to do a retro, and wanted a bixenon with better performance than FX-r......been spending alot of time on hidplanet lol.. For 5th gen headlights.. Has anyone done an Rx350 retrofit? (its supposed to be similar to e55 in dimensions and performs alot better than fx-r) Also just...
  2. F/S 5th Gen: prelude cluster CHEAP 58shipped

    Interior/Audio & Security
    58 shipped to most states it has around 179-180k,000 miles, everything works fine text 317 397 61 97 for fastest replies and pics
  3. Any "Bolt-on" HID Projectors for Depo Projector Headlights - retrofit project

    5th Gen
    Any "Bolt-on" HID Projectors for Depo Projector Headlights - retrofit project Hi all, so the original owner of my prelude put in depo projector headlights shown below: I can easily use an H7 HID kit in the projectors that came with these lights, but I want to retrofit some real HID...
  4. Write-Up: Installing HID bulbs in reverse lights

    Write ups & How tos
    Here is another fruit of my madness. I've actually had this done for a few months but decided recently to redo the work because the first attempt (see second post) was a hack job that I didn't consider properly. Modifying Bulb Holder Go to a junkyard and find a #7440 bulb holder out of an...
  5. DiodeDynamics HID kit

    Hands down their service is excellent and they live up to their claims of no hassle, lifetime warranty replacement of defective products. I've made a few claims in the last couple of years and each time they send me replacements, no questions asked. They provide you a return label and simply ask...
  6. 99 hid installation problems

    5th Gen
    ok so every thing works but i cant figure out how to secure the hid bulb into the headlight housing its too small for the metal clamp for stock bulbs, and the dust cover will not hold it in place....can any one tell me how they secured there hid bulbs?
  7. HID Kit?

    Does anyone own or knows a place where to get HID lights for 3rd gen? I have new headlights right now with h4 bulbs in them now they are better than oem but i want something brighter. Anyone knows a place where to get them?
  8. OFFICIAL: Retrofit Discussion, Question, and Info Thread

    Write ups & How tos
    I think we can all agree we need this. The Retrofit Picture thread has become extremely cluttered with people asking questions and just chit chatting (I'm not blaming anyone in particular, lots of people contributed, myself included.) So I think we should leave that thread for pictures only...
  9. F/S 3rd Gen: Retrofit Bi-Xneon HID 6x7 Headlights

    Im getting rid of my car, and decided to sell these separately. Heres my build tread and gobs of pictures: I'll be including everything that you need to install these in any car that takes 6x7 headlights, 1st, 2nd, and obviously 3rd...
  10. F/S 5th Gen: #@!% Lighting eXtrAvaGanZa! (LEDs, HIDs, sidemarkers, etc)

    Note: all my prices include the paypal fees. Anything additional is otherwise listed. High mount tail light. Honda price is $75, I'm asking $34 + $3 shipping. ** The item above will be sent out through FedEx - which includes tracking and insurance - because it is big. Everything BELOW...
  11. 90si electrical problems!?!?

    3rd Gen
    Alright... so i got an hid kit w/ new black housing headlights the other week. everythings going fine for a couple of days after i installed them\ once or twice the headlights got jammed due to the old dangling unusable light socket thing but i resolved the problem and nothing was...
  12. F/S: Slim-Ballast Precision HID Kit, JUST $80!

    Precision Slim HID Conversion Kits This Precision HID conversion kit contains everything you need to convert your factory halogen headlamps into HID, High Intensity Discharge. Manufacturer: Precision Lighting Co. uses German lighting technology in production, and is one of the most reputable...
  13. New headlight option?

    3rd Gen
    I found this over a year ago and I meant to buy them but I never got around to it. I couldn't justify spending the money on headlights when I still don't even have the car running. I thought I'd show you guys since maybe someone has purchased them or someone would want to so they can post a...
  14. PNP H3 Hid Install Help

    5th Gen
    PNP H3 HID Projectors I just recently purchased a PNP H3 hid kit. Now, my question to the :adore:"oh so wise lude fam" is ... do you need a relay to install your pnp hids? or no? (newb):newbie: if so ... were can i buy an appropriate relay? then... how would you go about install? And in...