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  1. 5th gen exhaust on 3rd gen

    3rd Gen
    Ok guys, need your help on this one. I'm new to this forum, and I'm hopping some one has tried this. I'm a Honda tech, and i just recently bought a 1990 Si, the car is all original except for the horrible exhaust this dude put on. Well, my parts guy tells me everything is discontinued for this...
  2. Exhaust

    4th Gen
    Hey guys, I'm looking for the part # or the name of the exhaust hanger on the exhaust manifold downpipe. It is the piece that is connected to the car. It looks like two metal rods side by side that the downpipe hangs from. My car seems to be missing that piece.
  3. BB9 F20A headers

    5th Gen
    Ahoy, eurofag here. i have an f20a base prelude, and i want to swap out the headers... which headers will fit the f20a? Do any of the bigger engine blocks have the same pattern as the f20 block? i have heard that the h23 headers will fit, am i wrong? i cant seem to find any reliable sauce on...
  4. Logic Tri Y H22A H22 VTEC long tube performance header

    I have for sale used for a few months high performance header for Honda Prelude. Turbo in progress and don't need this header anymore. It just great and car made 211 whp with h23vtec engine and this header...
  5. 3rd gen exhaust question.

    3rd Gen
    hey guys so i would really like to upgrade my lude, put a nice air intake and exhaust header. anyway, all the B21 headers i see for sale have 3 stud holes for bolting onto the downpipe. my downpipe has 4 holes for the original mani studs. is there an aftermarket downpipe for our cars? what am...
  6. h22 spoon header

    5th Gen
    hey guys. i went to a car show today and saw a header on some guys table. so i looked at it sure enough it had the spoon logo on it. the guy who was selling it says its off his sons prelude with an h22. ive never had any spoon parts nor have i seen any in person so i wanna know if you guys can...
  7. Hytech Replica Installed

    4th Gen
    Took me about 2.5 hrs to grind/cut the frame n then 30 min fightin to put it together lol....but It's finally in. Super stoked Piece of the frame I cut out just waitin for4 the rest of my exhaust to come in this week n ill bet set
  8. Tips for tucking exhaust

    4th Gen
    Ok I'm fairly smart and I know the obvious like shorten/relocate hangers, but I'm really not all THAT low (not tucking lol) and I scrape my exhaust (2.5" piping). I see guys runnin cars that are rediculously slammed to the point of rolling fenders and I'm sure they have issues but everyone...
  9. B20A header???

    3rd Gen
    Will a b20a header fit on my b20a5?