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    This will be a slow build but I've done a lot to my 1989 Prelude. One reason why Prelude is not only my 1st model car but also I bought this when my grandma died. Every time I'm inside the car I always remember her and feel same. But above all the reason I enjoy driving the car so I decided to...
  2. Hawaii
    This is a place to see the activity and information about HPOC new meet,cruise and Show in hawaii.... FaceBook Group Page: Please like us on facebook: thank you: HPOC
  3. Builds
    This is for my car that i want to give a true love and care.... I want to share the progress that me and my prelude will soon to accomplish current info: 1989 Honda Prelude Si 4ws Red color with white leather boss hub kit OH-08 W/ momo steering wheel and pretty much stock.... and here how...
  4. Prelude Meets Feb.24,2013 10:00am @pearl city ,gateway mcdonalds
  5. Prelude Meets
    Hi this is may sound new to people live here in Hawaii. But since the old HPOC gone there is no/way for Prelude owner/driver to gather or have a group cruise and meet. So now here is what we get from asking to all prelude owner. HAWAII LUDERS CLUB We planing to make a End of the Year 2012...