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  1. H22A/1+ & H23A/1+ Specific Information
    I’ve been trying to find an OEM head gasket for my ‘93 Si 4WS (non-VTEC). Not urgent, but I am planning on replacing it. I can’t seem to find any source for it. Any ideas?
  2. 4th Gen
    So heres an update on my shitbox, I prev cleaned my ftiv and reinstalled and it idled at 4k rpm, i replaced tb gasket with rtv gasket seal and rtv’d the ftiv around the seals and back on the tb and readjusted my throttle body cable, now at start up it idles low for about 5 seconds, barley at...
  3. H22A4 swap from H23A1.

    H23A1?? Has p 13 stamped on the lower back side of the block??
  4. Pgm- FI attached to the H23A1.

    It reads p13, on lower part. But the top says p14-a2? Ecu is a p14. Not sure, but doesn’t seem right. Any input??
  5. 4th Gen
    What’s up everyone, I just noticed that my 1996 prelude might be missing a few bolts. Any idea where I can find them? Could this be a possible reason for an oil leak?
  6. 4th Gen
    I am fairly new to the Prelude game, but not to Honda's. I just recently aquired a 1992 Honda Prelude Si with an H22A1. I also have a 1995 Honda Prelude Se with the H23A1 and 4WS. What my question is, is how, if possible, can I put the 4WS from the 95 into the 92? The reason being is that...
  7. Builds
    Hey i'm fairly new to preludepower and figured i could write up a quick brief history of my ludey. beginning - I got her from my bro and he had her for about 10 years before handing over to me. She was really clean and had: -AEM cold air intake -DC sport headers -DC rear strut -17" ADR sokudo...
  8. Engine/Exhaust/Transmission
    Its dirty from sitting but its in otherwise great condition. It has 125k on it and came off of a friends prelude who ended up doing a 5 speed swap. I will clean her up nice for whoever buys it. $100 + shipping to the lower 48 -- $100 Picked up
  9. 4th Gen
    Recently had a knocking wrist pin in cylinder 1 in my h23a1... i let that go on for maybe three days before i parked the car and started putting in my other h23 i had sitting in it. Now is that engine completely useless? I read some, please excuse me im fairly new to all of this engine stuff...
  10. 4th Gen
    Car: 96 prelude SI H23A1 Swap: H22A1 w/ P13 ECU, OBD2 to OBD1 Adapter. Using the H23 engine harness, h23 dizzy with external coil. Swap install is complete, tried to start it but had no luck. The engine turns over but there is no spark. :lame: Triple checked all the fuses under that dash...
  11. 4th Gen
    I have a 93 Honda Prelude Si 4ws.. I am having problems that i have never seen on a car before. Its getting fuel,spark and air. It starts up and idles great but when it comes to drive it it cuts out and runs like crap at times. It seems like it dose it worse when you give it more throttle.. I...
  12. 4th Gen
    my names john and i have a 93 prelude with a h23a1. i just bought the car yesterday and when i got it i checked the codes and it threw a 43 and 15. one is the ignition output signal and the other is the fuel supply system. i know the o2 sensor is bad. the fuel filter was just replaced. the...
  13. 4th Gen
    After going ahead and spending thousands of euros boosting my lude, it is now almost dead. I was boosting only 8psi and first thing to go was my crankshaft which i replaced and now piston number 2 has no compression. I truly love the car but H23 parts are hard to come by while im in Germany. I...
1-13 of 14 Results