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  1. Type SH model with H23A engine

    5th Gen
    Hey guys I am new to this forum and Preludes as well. So here goes my little story/question. I had bought a 01 Prelude type SH a while ago which had the stock usdm motor (h22a4). It had taken a shit and I had gotten swapped an h23a (blue top). Trying to get bolt-ons or parts in general. When...
  2. H23a Low Idle, Surge at low RPM

    4th Gen
    So I have just completed the swap of a h23a into a 95 prelude and am having some issues getting it to run right. First off, it idles extremely low. It does not surge, just when it is cold starts at like 1k then works it way down to around 500. The bigger problem is while driving at lower rpms...
  3. H23a Swap IAT question

    4th Gen
    Hey, I'm new to this forum and wanted to start out by saying thanks to the community for all the help. Since I first got my lude I have been browsing the threads and getting all my questions answered. Couldn't have done it without y'all. Now onto the issue So I am swapping the a H23a bluetop...
  4. Just bought a 98 Prelude with H23 Vtec, engine blown on the way home?

    5th Gen
    Hello guys, im new here. I just bought a 1998 Prelude. I wasnt driving this car hard at all. I had it for 2 days and now it sounds like this. is it rod knock? do i have spun bearings? let me know what you guys think.
  5. Tension on my gates belt?

    5th Gen
    Wassup bros? I was just trying to get an input on if everbody elses tensions like this. Mite be dumb but whatever. I just feel like its kinda self adjusting itself tighter once it hits about 3k rpm. So ive been asking tons of shit lately because i spun a rod bearing in the ol h22 and every...
  6. H23a non vtec to h23a vtec conv questions

    4th Gen
    I have a 92 prelude si with 210k miles on it and I recently just blew my timing belt and since my motor is an interference engine I bent my valves and all kinds of good shit and mechanic says to rebuild its going to cost 2200$ so I think I'm either going to buy a h23a vtec or an f20b vtec or...
  7. H23a JDM to USDM h22a1 swap auto to manual

    4th Gen
    I have a 1994 si Honda prelude automatic. I have a buddy selling me a h22a1 engine vtec manual. I need to know what I need for the swap and basically POUR all of your knowledge on me. Mu buddy knows everything mostly, I just need to start buying parts and stuff. So if you guys wanna start...
  8. H23a Head swap vtec h22a1

    4th Gen
    Hi, So im gonna buy a h22a1 vtec motor its a manual, I have a 1994 Honda Prelude Si Automatic JDM 2.3 H23a motor. I was wondering is it possible to Run a USDM h22a1 vtec head manual on a h23a JDM automatic Block. If you get what im saying. Im just wondering if its also possible to run vtec on...
  9. PLEASE HELP! Think Mechanic is trying to get over on me!

    5th Gen
    How's it going everybody......I have a 97 base Prelude, which now has a fully tuned and emissions ready "blue top" h23a dohc.....bought the h23a dohc vtec from Hmotors (great experience), then had it shipped to my mechanic for installation....overall motor with shipping and lift gate service was...
  10. Calling all BlueToppers with JDM Throttle Body!!

    5th Gen
    What throttle body gasket did you guys use?? the h22 one is not only too small, but due to the FITV, it doesnt seal the jdm throttle body up right. S2000 one work? or did you just make your own? is there a throttle body similar to h23a that will work? (65mm and no FITV) Thanks! and by the...
  11. Sh--> h23a/ lsd tranny question..

    5th Gen
    okay.. sorry if this is obvious, but i would like some clarity. I have a type sh and im wanting to drop a jdm h23a vtec and t2t4 lsd tranny in. Now since i have the ATTS in the way ill have to rip that out and buy base axles and intermediate shaft in place of it, correct? Now my question is...
  12. H23aVTEC Swap: No Start

    5th Gen
    I just finished my H23aVTEC swap and it will not start. It tries to start but never turns over. I swapped over the proper items from my H22 including: -H22 Intake Manifold -H22 Distributor -H22 Vtec Solenoid -Oil Pump and Sensors on the oil pump -Wiring Harness Here is a video of it trying...
  13. New Motor H23a vtec Blue top or H22a vtec JDm

    4th Gen
    I'm debating on gettin a new engine for my 92 lude 4ws. this care is my daily driver and i 'm coming up on 220k. I want to get a new motor and create some more hp but my biggest concern is i want to keep my 4ws because mine is working perfectly fine , but im not to sure if the motor swap will...
  14. Build start - USDM SH to jdm H23a

    5th Gen
    Okay, So here begins my adventure in the world of engine swaps. I've got a sh with a blown motor. thrown rod. too much mileage to keep the trans so I'm going with a JDM swap. I've done a lot of reading and its all about spaced out so I wanted to come to the board here for some confirmation and...
  15. JDM H23a vtec bluetop finally in! Cel for Misfire..

    5th Gen
    So the motor swap is done. I was expecting more power, but to be honest. I'm not sure if it feels stronger. I'm still using my stock ecu. It drives fine, vtec engages, pulls just as hard as my old h22a4 just not really sure... but at over semi high rpms, the CEL blinks indicating misfire, then...
  16. What should i do?

    ECU Tuning
    I have a 96' Prelude with an h23 vtec swap in it from the accord wagon in japan. Now since the engine didn't come with an ecu, i had to use my p14 from my h23 non vtec. It runs good but throws a cel that says all 4 cylinders are miss firing. The car does not feel like it miss fires at all. Since...
  17. 4th Gen_ neons Clean n' Mean Project

    September 2009 Interior: as for the exterior, it is still as clean as ever. i ditched the wing for now. i really like the clean look without it as of right now. there will be a few things happening with the exterior that you will also see. but here are the latest photos of my car and the...
  18. OBD II H23A swap?

    3rd Gen
    what do you have to do differentaly to put H23A OBD-II into a 1991 prelude? Can you do it? will AZ race swap mounts work in H23A? go into detail on everything that would need to be done diferentaly in order to do a complete swap.