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  1. H22A1/M2B4 LSD trans 4th Gen

    H22A/1+ & H23A/1+ Specific Information
    I’ve never even thought to type anything in a forum. It wasn’t until a few years ago, I started this journey with Honda had began. I’m short, over time, I’ve acquired information that I just couldn’t find at all or, wasn’t in one thread so, I’m going to try and smash as much into something, as...
  2. Unsure of ecu and injector compatibility with h22a4 in 4th gen

    4th Gen
    Ok so i know i need h22a1 injectors to match the p13 ecu for obd1, but i am unsure of which injectors exactly will work with the stock p13 ecu without running lean or rich. Ive found several injectors for sale on website, but i am not sure if they will work with the p13. I believe these are the...
  3. Most hp gain for h22a1

    Naturally Aspirated
    Other than a turbo and supercharge what would be a noticable hp gain from parts? cams? throttlebody? Pistons?
  4. Rebuild Advice

    5th Gen
    Alright guys, me and my friend cody are getting ready to rebuild his 2001 prelude type sh. Its leaking oil like crazy so we are going to finally strip it amd rebuild. The final result we want is an economical daily driver with a bit of an attitude. So does anybody have a budget build list and...
  5. building new race car

    Just bought 93 VT to build as circle track race car. Have 89 Accord that I blew engine twice with too much rpm. Competed well but want a better racer.:bigsmile: Rules require bone stock. Just as much fun to build as to race. No questions yet. Been reading lots of threads. Thanks to all for...
  6. 4th gen o2 sensor problem update and overheating problems!!!

    4th Gen
    on my last thread I talked about my o2 sensor problems and how my car was fouling one every 3 months. well after some ideas and possibilities was talked about, I decided to check my egr ports. I took a look at my egr valve and noticed that it was broke completely in half at the base. I took it...
  7. First time tranny swap PLEASE HELPP!

    4th Gen
    So i recently bought a 92 prelude si with a jdm h22a1 swap , the guy i bought it off of hit a speed bump going fast and put a hole in the tranny at the bottom of the bell housing and ruining the clutch but he gave me a m2f4 tranny with it but inside the bell housing of of the m2f4 has a black...
  8. H23a JDM to USDM h22a1 swap auto to manual

    4th Gen
    I have a 1994 si Honda prelude automatic. I have a buddy selling me a h22a1 engine vtec manual. I need to know what I need for the swap and basically POUR all of your knowledge on me. Mu buddy knows everything mostly, I just need to start buying parts and stuff. So if you guys wanna start...
  9. 4WS Conversion from 95 H23A1 to 92 H22A1

    4th Gen
    I am fairly new to the Prelude game, but not to Honda's. I just recently aquired a 1992 Honda Prelude Si with an H22A1. I also have a 1995 Honda Prelude Se with the H23A1 and 4WS. What my question is, is how, if possible, can I put the 4WS from the 95 into the 92? The reason being is that...
  10. H23a Head swap vtec h22a1

    4th Gen
    Hi, So im gonna buy a h22a1 vtec motor its a manual, I have a 1994 Honda Prelude Si Automatic JDM 2.3 H23a motor. I was wondering is it possible to Run a USDM h22a1 vtec head manual on a h23a JDM automatic Block. If you get what im saying. Im just wondering if its also possible to run vtec on...
  11. Will an h22a4 block interchange with my a1

    4th Gen
    Hey might be a dumb question but will an h22a4 block interchange with the h22a1 motor in my 92 prelude si with out having to mess with the wiring or anything? I can get an a4 shortblock off my brother I know I have to use the a4 headgasket but dont know much else about the swap any answers would...
  12. 93 prelude si vtec 2.2l h22a1

    3rd Gen
    so i was replacing the cam seals and after i did them i was going to put the timing belt back on and when i did it made the auto tensioner spring up well after i took it off i got it compressed and was going to put it back on it broke and now i was going to see what other motors have the same...
  13. making a N/A building list

    4th Gen
    alright so im pretty sure this question has been asked many times before and that i will get sh*t for asking it but i am gonna ask anyways. what should be done to obtain nice hp and will not require converting to race gas. ive done some reading on other post similar to this but no one really had...
  14. H22A1 Help!

    4th Gen
    Car: 96 prelude SI H23A1 Swap: H22A1 w/ P13 ECU, OBD2 to OBD1 Adapter. Using the H23 engine harness, h23 dizzy with external coil. Swap install is complete, tried to start it but had no luck. The engine turns over but there is no spark. :lame: Triple checked all the fuses under that dash...
  15. Please help! H22A1 distriburo or H22A4?

    4th Gen
    Please help! H22A1 distriburor or H22A4 disributor? I have a H22a1 engine but my distributor broke and i cant find the same kind of distributor. I bought one but it didnt fit because the wires are all different so i found a new one but it is from a H22A4 engine. some people say it will fit but...
  16. Somewhat Budget build N/A

    engine build finished in november. pics start on page 2 i think. mods list so far: clevite engine bearings crower forged econobillet h-beam rods mahle gold series, .010 oversize. 10 cc dome. bottom end balanced and lightened ~50g oem HG ferrea 5000 series flat faced valves supertech bronze...
  17. which o2 sensor to get?

    4th Gen
    hey, im soon to buy a 1994 prelude H22A1[VTEC], fully stock 134k miles on it. supposedly the check engine light is on, and since the only thing on the vehicle that isnt stock is the exhaust i figured it has something to do with the o2 sensor. i looked on a few oem sites, and the cheapest i could...
  18. I need some advice please (prelude H22A1)

    Hello to all, Im new on the forum, my name is Alfredo, Im 23 years old and Im from Peru. My car is a JDM Honda Prelude 1994 DOHC VTEC H22A1, my car is from Japan. Please I need some advice, I want to get more power from my Prelude, rigth now i have installed on my car an Apexi AFC Neo, MSD Coil...