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h22a swap

  1. H22A swap turns over but won't idle

    5th Gen
    So i finally for the JDM h22a motor in swapped over all the necessary parts to make it run on my bb6. When i try to start it it turns over tries to idle almost dies then idles back up and dies. I'm stumped any suggestions???????
  2. Rear ESP Mount for H22 Swap

    3rd Gen
    So I got the ESP mounts for my '91 Prelude SI ALB and I'm having troubles with the H22A swap I'm doing. The rear crossmember appears like it will need cut in order to get the rear mount to line up to shoot the bolts. Has anyone else had to cut or trim their crossmember? Aside: I'm going to try...
  3. My Lude Story, and my motor swap starting tomorrow.

    4th Gen
    Hello fellow luders. If any of you don't know my previous history of what happened in my lude experiences then heres the brief horror story. I first got into a wreck with my 1992 prelude going 60, hit 3 trees, did a cartwheel and a flip then landed upside down...
  4. ..::: 5th Gen Newbie - Q&A Thread :::.. (New Members, PLEASE CLICK HERE)

    5th Gen
    are you a newbie? Too lazy to search? Do you have a question? Has it likely been asked before? well you are in luck. This thread is just for YOU. Here you can post your basic questions that have been asked and answered more times than i can count and not get flamed :omg:!!!!! Please DO NOT...