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h22a help
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  1. 5th Gen
    Tonight I started my car and out of know where it started reving up to like 4k and back down to 1.5k. It did that for like 10 seconds. Any ideas on what this could be?
  2. 4th Gen
    Hey there’s guys I have usdm 1995 Prelude with a F22a1 motor under hood I’m currently working on getting a jdm h22a with lsd tranny I just wondering what kind of trouble I’m gonna be running into the swap?can I use f22 wiring harnesses I know I will have to run vtec to ecu to vtec solenoid...
  3. H22A/1+ & H23A/1+ Specific Information
    Ok so before anyone says it I have looked repeatedly for the answer and its different everywhere I look. Are all h22 oil pumps the same. I have an H22a and need to know if an obd1 h22a1 oil pump will work or no. If no WHERE can I find a jdm H22a oil pump for sale
  4. 4th Gen
    I just purchased a new project 95 honda prelude Vtec. I'm lookin to do some easy upgrades. it has a short ram intake and thats about it. What are some cheap things to do to get some extra horsepower with out the obvious like boosting it and such. i put a shorter serpentine belt on cuttin the AC...
  5. 5th Gen
    :newbie: I do not have much expertise in tuning, I grew up with mechanical-guru-family but never became one I have vast theoretical knowledge but zero hands-on. I've been into cars since I can remember and have had plenty of them, as I became able to afford things I spared no expense to drive...
  6. 4th Gen
    i just swapped a h22a in my 92 honda prelude that recently had a h23a1 in it.and what em i suppost to do about the coils? how can i just use the internal one from the h22a. and what distrubitor cap could i use if i just go to the auto parts store. im so confused and i appreciate the help :smile:
  7. 4th Gen
    95 prelude with a 97 h22a4 swapped in all stock has a stock p28 ecu and m2s4 tranny.......dont know where to start with mods debating between a bunch of stuff..where do i start??? Also looking to get great quality stuff no ebay junk.
  8. 3rd Gen
    i had my prelude for a few years now and wanting to now do a h22 swap. i really need help finding and know what i need to do this swap. if anyone out there could help me i would like that alot. i will post pictures of what my currently looks like. :driver::driver...
  9. 4th Gen
    Hi fellow 4th gen Prelude Power Owners I have an h22a with a chipped sst p28 ecu my check engine light is on what should i do plz someone help asap could it be my o2 censor i didn't change it form the h23
1-9 of 9 Results