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  1. H22 or maybe F20B Swap

    3rd Gen
    Hey guys, I think it's finally time to start the process for a motor AND transmission swap for my '91 Prelude Si. The car currently has a B21A1 with an automatic transmission. I'm looking to go for a H22 swapped from a 92-95 Prelude with a 5-speed manual transmission. I'm in the process of...
  2. Oversized (85.05mm) Wiseco Pistons

    I have a set of Wiseco Forged Pistons meant for an F20B build. Ended up not being able to use them because of clearance issues so I am putting them up for sale. If you have more questions send me an email at [email protected] Asking $600 OBO we can work out shipping where ever you are...
  3. WTB: WTB: Red SRV

    Hello, Looking for a red SRV 4th gen located in the lower mainland of B.C. Canada. Willing to extend my search to Oregon and Washington state Thanks, Mike
  4. New to Preludepower

    My name is Daniel, and I am a mechanic of 20 years specializing in Honda. I have driven all types of Hondas but my favorite Honda has got to be the 5th Gen Prelude - They are just fun to drive and do almost everything well. A couple years ago I found a mechanic special and against my wife's...
  5. Prelude guy from Colorado

    Hey everybody, I'm new here but I've been into these cars for a while. I currently own a 93 Si 4WS with a JDM H22a swap and M2B4 transmission with factory LSD. Working on brakes to get it safely back on the road again. Did the larger VTEC front rotors and calipers conversion, along with braided...
  6. Engine swap advice 5th gen '95

    Yea so I'm still pretty new to all this but I need advice on an engine swap for my 95 prelude. I'm currently running a f22a but it's dying out so I'm looking to swap to something with some more power but will be good for a street road with a lot of turns. I was looking at the jdm h22 but most of...
  7. Rotrex Supercharger Build

    5th Gen
    I've looked and looked and can't find a decent rotrex SC build involving a h22. I'm in the procces of making a bracket to place the SC in the alternator's spot and then the alternator in the A/C's spot. My question is, can I have decent boost with the Rotex SC? i.e 8 psi. I'm a stock H22...
  8. New RHD Lude owner

    First off I'm Chris I'm living here in Hawaii So parts are harrrrrrd to get at reasonable price I have owned 45 Hondas...yes seriously 45 So I'm not new to the honda game but this is my first prelude... 1992 Rhd Prelude imported not converted H22a Skunk2 Intake Manifold Skunk2 72mm...
  9. Moving on to better things

    5th Gen
    I've had this thing for a few weeks now. It's a 2010 C350 Sport. Unfortunately it was time for something more reliable and in better condition. Last October the balance shaft seal blew out on my Prelude at highway speed. It emptied all the oil within seconds and destroyed my cylinder...
  10. 1992 S Model=>H22a Distributor problems

    4th Gen
    So just recently i blew my f22 up so i decided to swap in an H22a into it, its got some cool things like a lightweight flywheel, high comp pistons, whatever; my problem is that my wiring harness is wired up to use an external coil for the distributor. Since i had to replace the distributor for...
  11. Logic Tri Y H22A H22 VTEC long tube performance header

    I have for sale used for a few months high performance header for Honda Prelude. Turbo in progress and don't need this header anymore. It just great and car made 211 whp with h23vtec engine and this header...
  12. ASAP need help with H22!!! If anyone have a spare motor

    Hi everyone. I've been doing h23 with h22 head frankenstein conversion on my brother 96 prelude si since I had a h23vtec overheated engine off my prelude and decide to use head. But i didn't think of that crank position sensor on USDM motor is inside the block (obd2) when jdm one have it inside...
  13. pls help h22 turbo builds boost and bogs out

    Forced Induction
    ok so here is the deal i have a fully built h22 was tuned and running good on 15 psi then it started to brake up really bad in boost took the head off and sent it back to the M-shop cuz my valve guide seals where poping off now that i have the head back on it wont even get into boost at all it...
  14. 3rd Gen_ My 1989 Prelude si 4ws Diary

    This is for my car that i want to give a true love and care.... I want to share the progress that me and my prelude will soon to accomplish current info: 1989 Honda Prelude Si 4ws Red color with white leather boss hub kit OH-08 W/ momo steering wheel and pretty much stock.... and here how...
  15. H22 cams in an H23 VTEC engine?

    Naturally Aspirated
    I'm looking to swap an H23 VTEC into my 5th gen lude and want to put in some stage 1 or stage 2 cams in it at the same time. I know the heads on the H22 and the H23 VTEC are the same, I'm just unsure of the clearances. I know the H23 has a larger displacement due to a longer stroke. Does this...
  16. My fully JDM 95 prelude vtec

    I just wanted to share this beautiful car with everyone before i sell it. I wish i didn't have to so i could rescue it .
  17. F/S: 92-01 Honda Prelude H22 oil pump H22A engine JDM OEM Honda 15100-P13-010

    Sold please close Sold please close
  18. F/S: H22 OEM Pulley Set-Crank, Alt, P.S. Mint Condition!

    Hi, Up for sale is a Mint set of OEM Pulleys removed from a 5th Gen. Honda Prelude H22A4. These were quickly removed in exchange for an Unorthodox Pulley kit & have been boxed ever since. No longer have any use for them so they must go! Selling as complete set or willing to part out. PayPal...
  19. h23 vtec build

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hi, im new here and i am wanting to start a h23 vtec build and Im trying to find out if it is going to be possible to smog it? My build would be ballanced h23 crank/rods type s pistons i would instaul oil squirters in the block ballance shaft eliminator kit port and pollished h22 head skunk 2...
  20. Help atts repairable?

    5th Gen
    I have a 97 lude with atts and about 3 weeks ago I lost control on some black ice (Cleveland oh) needless to say I ended up replacing some power steering lines and the driver side cv axle. Now for the problem with the ATTS, where the cv axle connects to the ATTS it seems like the bearing inside...