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h22 swap

  1. YAH22 (Yet Another H22), meet Jynx

    Hi all, I bought a black 1991 2.0Si (B20A5) 5-speed last summer. As soon as I saw it on Craigslist I knew I had to have it: Converted to 4ws by the previous owner, who in addition to running it to 270,000 miles, put on a fart-can exhaust and a Yakima rack, I named her "Jynx" because the car...
  2. F/S 3rd Gen: H22a1 Swapped 91 SI 4WS $3300 obo WI

    Cars For Sale
    Up for sale is my H swapped 91 4WS. Its got 194k on the chassis. Power locks, power windows, power moonroof (no leaks) all work. Interior is overall pretty clean aside from broken fan control knob and missing cover for rearview mirror base Mods include: motor and trans from a 95 Si VTEC Chipped...
  3. 1988 prelude 2.0s to H22 wiring harness questions.

    3rd Gen
    Okay so i am trying to do the popular H22 swap in my car. The only real concern i have is the wiring harness. I have a few friends who are good Honda mechanics, and they were trying to help me figure out what i should do. Their ideas were that i could re pin the computer with my harness (He did...
  4. 1985 Honda Prelude DX - H22A Swap

    2nd Gen
    Last winter rolled around and I decided to make a plan based on a car that although has no resemblence to my early 80’s prelude - still captured the essence of what I wanted to own. The car was a 1959 corvette and from 10 feet away looked like a meticulously restored original - newer larger...
  5. h22 swaped luders only!!

    3rd Gen
    i need to know what ways/how you guys mounted the newer prelude/accord shifter plate on our 3rd gen's. because i got a accord shifter plate and it has a part under the shiftstick that bulges out like 2 inches and the stock one has a flat ass botttom, so how did you guys mount it? i noticed also...