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  1. H22A/1+ & H23A/1+ Specific Information
    Hi guys, I am just wondering if it would be possible and reasonably inexpensive to get VTEC for my Prelude Si. It has an F22z6 in it and i am just wondering if there are any F series heads that can fit onto my motor so i can get VTEC. Any info is appreciated. Thanks
  2. Engine
    I have 4th gen prelude with h22a4 engine and I wondering what engines have people swap there engins and if anyone had swap there engine for h22a4 to h22a7
  3. Engine/Exhaust/Transmission
    My lude needs a rebuild and im planing on doing it next summer. I figure if im going to tear into the engine I might as well replace everything and do it right. im probably going to have to do the sleeves because its got 300k on the motor. I do not thinks its worth puting I darton or golden...
  4. 4th Gen
    I have a 92 prelude si with a blown h23a1 motor it blew because of timing belt! I was wanting to swap the motor I found a motor I'm hopefully buying it soon I just can't afford ti pay 1500$ for a shop to do it! Please help me by giving a detailed explanation instruction from step 1 to done. Thanks!!
  5. Builds
    I'm new to the Honda game, so I need advice. I bought a '93 Prelude *for fuel economy and intentions to one day build it for speed*, H22A1 block *with complete lower end*, and a H23A1 with a H22 V-TEC head. Do not know if the H23 block is drilled, or done properly so imma put the H22 head back...
  6. 3rd Gen
    Just got a h22 3rd gen but its got issues. Oil pan is bent in maybe thats why its causing vtec not to engage. the throtle pos sensor was missing two wires so wired them together and now check engine light is on and not blinking like before. im assuming the wires would rub and cause the cel to...
  7. California
    I recently blew out the engine in my lude, and i wanted to know if anyone either had, or know of a legit place to pick up an engine. Almost got ripped of by Rising Sun Engines, sorta not trying to run that risk again, and what best than to ask those who love the same cars i do.
1-7 of 7 Results