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  1. 3rd Gen
    Under construction check back later Cudaboy's Trim Clips Door Glass Moulding Molding & Screw Grommets: GUIDE: Where you see # followed by a number and (in diagram) this is the factory honda parts catalog identification on the official honda parts catalog. Windshield: COMPLETE KIT: PRECISION...
  2. General
    How hard would it be replacing the normal sunroof glass on 2nd Gen with plexiglass. The sunroof glass is already cracked and the Prelude needs to get a road worthy certificate again. Also how much weight would be saved?
  3. Australia
    Hi everyone. I have an issue, I need to get my 2nd gen lude pit passed but there is one major problem and that is that the sunroof glass is cracked & I don't know where I could get new glass for it, also, it doesn't help that in Tassie there are very few 2nd gen Preludes. So does anyone know...
  4. 4th Gen
    Well there can be a few issues when it comes to preludes and this. I have to ask, does the orange light come on when you press the button? If so the HVAC control issue is ruled out. If not here is a video showing that (there are also a few others on youtube) . Now...
1-4 of 4 Results