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  1. Wanted
    Hello, Looking for a red SRV 4th gen located in the lower mainland of B.C. Canada. Willing to extend my search to Oregon and Washington state Thanks, Mike
  2. Introduction
    Hello everybody! I am a 16-year old male from Southwest Missouri, and I am a proud owner of a 1989 Honda Prelude Si (Automatic though...). I purchased the vehicle by recommendation of my buddy, Evan, who owns another Honda vehicle, the 1996 Del Sol. My car doesn't have the most incredible of...
  3. 2nd Gen
    So I've been doing some research, and before I pull the trigger on a rebuild kit, I wanted to get some other feedback. This is somewhat for performance, but primarily for my sound system. I'm not looking to have anything too crazy (at least not yet), but I'm a very nitpicky basshead and like to...
  4. Builds
    Hello PreludePower, here's my B20A3 daily driver that I bought on December 31st, 2012. Back when I first got her: First pic sent to me from the original owner at 162k before purchase: My car as of September 8, 2014 (wasn't washed in this pic): Exterior: '90 2.0Si passenger foglight with...
  5. Photo Gallery
    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this in so if it is not may one of the wondering mods or admins please move it to the corresponding sub forum :) Please and thank you in advance. Here goes... I was wondering what kind of seats you guys have in your 5th gen and if you...
  6. Part Outs
    So I have this 97 SH that I was trying to sell whole.. but nothing's happening.. so I'm giving the last guy till Sunday to buy it. I'm pretty sure he isn't. After that.. it's all coming apart. Here's some of the details about the car.
  7. Cars For Sale
    So it's time to sell the lude.. I have a 97 SH lude with like 170K on the odometer and 140 on the engine. located in Asheville NC 28803 I'm gonna run down the list of everything that is new and replaced, and also everything it needs. August 08= installed newer 98 SH engine with 131K at...
  8. Videos
    4th gen prelude tribute
  9. 3rd Gen
    Si States Rear Badge I went over to the Japanese garage today and they could not get me my SIStates badge because all Si Versions were discontinued. It hurts down inside because I see the residue outline and nothing to fill it, I have the most rarest of 3rd Gen Preludes (maybe of all of them)...
  10. 3rd Gen
    Ok so as some of you no i just bought my prelude 4 weeks ago for 300$ so with that price came some problems the one im about to adress now is the power steering. The guy i bought it of took it out , one i dont no if my car will pass inspection with out it(89 prelude si), two i have to admit its...
1-11 of 11 Results