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  1. 89' Tach/Fuel/Temp/Misc Gauges/Indicators not working

    3rd Gen
    Hey guys, I was doing some electrical work on my lude the other day and when I started my car back up my tach, fuel gauge, temp gauge, brake light, brights indicator, and seemingly all other indicator lights except the battery one seem to be kaput. My friend decided to go noodling around the...
  2. F/S 5th Gen: gauge cluster 59Shipped+ paypal fees

    Interior/Audio & Security
    Does anyone need a cluster or to retrofit into a 3rd gen, 2nd etc.? I have one with 179-180k works good 59shipped + paypal fees text me for pictures 317 397 61 97 Ill try and post one soon if i dont forget tomorrow.
  3. Need 3rd gen Gauge Cluster

    Hey guess i need a 90-91 prelude SI gauge cluster for a 5-speed. i dont care what the mileage is. But everything needs to work please!
  4. Anyone know where i can get these gauges?

    3rd Gen
    hey guys i know i've been making alot of threads lately, i apologize for that i just have so many questions! search hasnt really helped me :S i REALLY want to put gauges in my lude, oil pressure, voltage and water temp. the only setup im interested in is this: anyone have any info on it...
  5. F/S 4th Gen: EL Gauge Clusters + harness - AT, MT, MT

    Interior/Audio & Security
    I have for sale next available EL gauge clusters: Optitron Cluster for MT 214728 miles on them. Works great, came off 1993 prelude. Harness was modified by previous owner (car work regular cluster before), everything was working but job was done not right. I redid some wiring, made some...
  6. How to Color Mod EL cluster

    Write ups & How tos
    OK well this is my 1st DIY thread so Plz bare with me lol. For anyone who has the EL gauges and want to change the color but can't seem to find any info on how this thread is for u. For starters ur going to have to remove the cluster. Removing the cluster is very easy. Im going to assume if...
  7. Do not remove gauge needles!!

    5th Gen
    WARNING!!!!!! DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES REMOVE THE NEEDLES FROM THE GAUGES. YOU WILL NOT GET THEM TO WORK PROPERLY AGAIN. I was working on removing the amber filter from the gauge faces this weekend. I had to remove the needles to get the face off and now I am wishing I had not done...
  8. WTB: EL dash harness and inverter box. (I know, I know)

    4th Gen
    I don't have 100 posts. I lurk enough here for christ's sake. Could a mod please move this to the right place? I apologize for having to put it here. I have the gauges. I need everything else. Shipped to 46184. PM's checked daily. Thanks and my bad. Don't shoot me in the face.