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  1. Gas Tank Photo Please?

    5th Gen
    Hi Guys, Really hoping for your help. My check engine light came on today while driving and the manual says it could possibly be due to a loosened gas tank cap. I did fill up recently about 2 days before so maybe it is related? Anyways I removed the gas cap and tightened it back properly...
  2. Cold & Warm Rough Start & Gas In Oil. Too Much Gas? Fuel Pressure?

    5th Gen
    Hey everyone. I bought this '99 prelude base auto a little over a month ago. The previous owner expressed there was a rough start occasionally and that his mechanic said it was likely the primary O2. No service/cel lights on though, not since I bought it. He gave me a list of odds and ends that...
  3. '91 si - B21A1 - HELP!

    3rd Gen
    Okay so i would like to apologize in advance for most likely posting in this in the wrong place or being too overlooking of one already here with a solution to my problem, my bad guys. So my 1991 prelude si, all stock with the b21a1 and nothing more just dies and will stall out if i punch the...
  4. Where to purchase new fuel tank sending unit?

    4th Gen
    Ive been scouring the web looking for a place to purchase a new sending unit and haven't had much luck. The local dealerships and auto parts stores don't carry it so I'm kinda screwed. Besides a used one from a junk yard that might or might not work does anyone have any suggestions? My gauge...
  5. Kilometres/miles per tank of gas, what are you guys getting?

    3rd Gen
    hey so i was searching this question but could only find MPG answers, which confuses the heck out of me. (dont judge) im just wondering how many km's or miles you guys get per tank? because right no i get between 500 and 520 km's per tank, which is roughly 317 miles. i've had rich burning...
  6. Shell Photo Contest

    I was cruising through and found the shell photo contest and came upon this 4th gen Prelude. Is this anyone's on here? Nice ride. Go vote!
  7. Guages not working now

    3rd Gen
    Ok so a while back I put in some glow guages and after I was done I realized my gas and temp guage arn't going up to where they should. They act like they're trying to work but just not getting up high enough. I've manually pushed them up only to have them fall down again. Any ideas on what...