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  1. 89' Tach/Fuel/Temp/Misc Gauges/Indicators not working

    3rd Gen
    Hey guys, I was doing some electrical work on my lude the other day and when I started my car back up my tach, fuel gauge, temp gauge, brake light, brights indicator, and seemingly all other indicator lights except the battery one seem to be kaput. My friend decided to go noodling around the...
  2. '91 si - B21A1 - HELP!

    3rd Gen
    Okay so i would like to apologize in advance for most likely posting in this in the wrong place or being too overlooking of one already here with a solution to my problem, my bad guys. So my 1991 prelude si, all stock with the b21a1 and nothing more just dies and will stall out if i punch the...
  3. P1339 multiple misfire

    5th Gen
    Having trouble with figuring out misfire cause. I know what I'm doing when it comes to cars and this is actually my 4th prelude (all manuals) and I do lots of swaps and mods and have never had this problem. Notice something weird about my fuel pump and I'm looking into that more tomorrow. Any...
  4. H22 fuel system

    3rd Gen
    Say im swapping in an H22A from a 97-01 and i want to use a returnless fuel system. Will i be able to do that and run OBDII without codes?
  5. Rough idle/spark knock

    3rd Gen
    Bear with me here, it's my first time posting. I looked through stickies and searched but I can't seem to find something that applies to my problem. 1991 prelude Si, b21a1. Once my car is warm, the idle is pretty rough, and when i step on it, it starts to spark knock pretty bad. I've changed...
  6. No Temp or Feul

    3rd Gen
    i am haveing trouble with my 90 b20A5 prelude, the fuel and the temp gauge were working and i pulled the cluster gauge apart because my tach wasent working but now my tach works but my fuel and temp gauge dont work. and i have searched for about the past 3 days and i have cheacked all the...
  7. prelude spuutering like crazy

    3rd Gen
    hey guys just bought 90 lude with b20a3. i rebuilt the entire top end and made sure everything went back together in the exact same order. I finally got her fired up today but it sputters horribly. and is backfiring back into the carbs. I have i feeling that i got the valve lash wrong, but...
  8. spark, fuel, turn over, NO GO!?!?!?!?!? B21A1

    3rd Gen
    Alright well i have exhausted ALL my resources. I have a 91 prelude (2nd one) with the b21A1. i got it rebuilt, newpistons, rods all that fun stuff. i have everything put back together but when i go to turn it over it doesnt fire. it turns over, i have spark and fuel. checked continuity in all...
  9. Injector size

    Naturally Aspirated
    Hey guys, i need some help i been buildin my car and its comin along nice.. but my friends been tellin me that i should upgrade my injectors. i know i need a fuel pump but can my stock 98 h22 injectors hold there own or should i upgrade them? any help would be greatly appreciated.. thanks
  10. 5 CEL's!! im buggin out misfiring like crazy

    5th Gen
    I have a 97' base model with 165k miles on the car and 65k on the rebuilt top end after a blown headgasket at 100k for the past couple month i was experiencing misfires on cold start ups and threw a p0302 cyl #2 misfire. i did tune up (plugs, wires, cap, rotor, coil, egr valve (didnt have time...
  11. What's the deal with 89 Octane gas?

    h22 motors use (super/premium) fuel. 91 octane or higher to prevent knocking or what not... and most american cars use 87 octane. What is the purpose of 89 octane (plus) fuel? Is it for people that need premium and don't want to spend the extra $0.07/g? Or people that need 87, but want to...
  12. car wont start

    4th Gen
    i have a 92 prelude si that has issues starting in cold weather. it turns over fine, but it seems like the gas isn't getting through. i have taken it in multiple times to get it checked out and nothing obvious seems to be a problem. the battery is brand new, as is the fuel filter. the fuel pump...