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  1. AEM V2 Intake **SOLD****SOLD**

    Hello i have a AEM V2 Dual-Chambered intake for sale. It’s Heat-Reflective wrapped, and has a new and bigger K&N Filter on it. Wrap has no wrinkles and filter has a couple months of driving on it. Selling for $180 shipped with paypal anywhere in the U.S. or $140 local in cash. I am located in...
  2. Jon Lasaga's part liquidation thread

    3rd Gen
    Hello all. Ive got a bunch of random parts that got taken off my prelude that I no longer need any more. They are taking up alot of space and I really gotta get rid of them before I run out of space and end up putting them outside or in the scrap heap. Im looking to sell these cheap to...
  3. 1986 Prelude part out

    2nd Gen
    I know for sure that this is in the wrong place, I'm new around here. I picked up a '86 prelude the other day, it runs but has cooling issues and I bought it to learn to drive stick(I'm 15), then scrap it to clear the space. It has a clean interior and all of the exterior trim, but the paint is...
  4. anyone else see the resemblance?

    5th Gen
  5. F/S 1990 Red Si project

    Cars For Sale
    with heavy heart, I am selling my beloved 90 Si. I bought her in 01 and have since then swapped the engine for a B20A. currently doesn't run, blew the head gasket years ago, has since been repaired, but the car sat for so long, the poor thing has many other issues that I just don't have time to...
  6. F/S 5th Gen: 01 Lude-119k-CLEAN TITLE IN HAND-FRESH

    Cars For Sale
    $6,500-SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY PLEASE CLEAN TITLE IN HAND Only selling because I recently purchased S2000, no need for 2 vehicles, and I'm looking for a streetbike. Email me -Geno- [email protected] or Text 724-557-2266 for pictures/information reguarding the 2001 Honda Prelude Base model...
  7. wanted/for sale

    4th Gen
    hey guy's,got a problem with my project,i need a h serie's engine block for my 94,i went to replace the head,only to discover that all the cylinder wall's are scard beyond repair,if anyones got a good block for sale,let me know,if i cant find a block,im gonna sell the car,it's a 94 prelude 2.3...
  8. PA: F/S/T 1997 San Marino Red Prelude Base

    Cars For Sale
    Hey all im just testing waters unless i get my asking price. But i am seeing what i can get for my Prelude. Im located near Philadelphia, PA. Maintenance was kept up with every 3500 miles by my friend who is a certified tech at Scott Honda. Trades- Nissan 240sx Selling Price-$4200 NEW PRICE****...
  9. F/S 5th Gen: Depo Black housing Headlamp (Driver side only)

    Hey guys I have a depo headlamp for sale. Its been used for about a year but it still looks new. It has perfect fitment. It still has all its tabs intact and some very very minor scratches on the surface (which can be polished off). Its for the drivers side only since the passenger side has been...
  10. F/S 5th Gen: greddy evo2 feeler

    Hey guys I think I've decided to get rid of my evo2 and get a kteller 3 inch for the turbo setup. I really wanna do a pickup only because I don't think I can find a box to fit it in. But if anyone in the area wants a full evo2 system make me an offer.... this thing only has maybe 7000 miles or...