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fog lights
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  1. 3rd Gen
    Hey guys, Got myself some 89 fog lights/switch for my 88. It is the S model, not SI, so it only comes wired for the passenger side fog light. It also has the fog light switch connector already. I believe what I need to do is splice into the passenger side fog light harness and run two wires...
  2. 2nd Gen
    Hey guys, My name's Thomas and I'm up in B.C. Canada. I've been on here for about a year but this is my first official post. Not sure why I never did post anything, I guess the search button does it's job well. I fell in love with this car last summer when I bought it. Since then I've put as...
  3. 4th Gen
    I really want some new yellow fog lights for my lude, but i don't know where i can purchase some good quality crispy :butbut:Fog lights:butbut: Help anyone. I went to but they're only selling used ones for a Rape price:rolleyes2:
  4. 4th Gen
    iv looked everywhere, ebay and google even, and cant find a place to buy stock fog lights for my lude. i really like the look of the clear ones, but cant find them... any help?
  5. 4th Gen
    ok, so heres some background on this project (like you care) Note: i LOVE originality, half the reason i own a lude is because its the least common performance honda (vs civic si's ind integras) I used to have a 3rd gen 4ws and i LOVED the stock fog lights, clear when turned off, yellow...
1-5 of 6 Results