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  1. 5th Gen
    Hey guys, I own a 2000 5th gen Prelude Base. Im very happy with the car eventhough it has some issues which i`ll sort out in the near future. To spice up the looks of my car i`ve bought a fiberglass rear bumper for it. I havent looked at fitment or anything like that yet, but i was reading...
  2. 5th Gen
    Hi all! First time actually attempting a documentation/writeup of doing... well. Anything. I got this project here about putting a sub box in my car. But I don't want anything massive like a single 12" ported enclosure leaving me little more than room for groceries. So I decide to take things...
  3. General
    Hey everyone, I really want to make a mould of my Preludes lip. I want it to be fiberglass so I can make it the body colour. How do I make the mould? (It's foam)
1-3 of 3 Results