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  1. 3rd Gen
    Hello! I've had my '88 Prelude for nine years now and since I bought it, I've had very little issues with it. Still, like others that own this car in a area with half the year covered with snow, rust is i persistent problem, even if I don't use the car in the wintertime. At this point, I'll...
  2. 5th Gen
    Just bought a 97 and was wondering if I need to replace my fender or if the fitting needs to be fixed.
  3. 3rd Gen
    I need left fender and door for 89 prelude 2.0 Si i would like to get complete door with power mirror and D/L , P/W and i am looking for it in red!! Does anyone have these for sale or know where i can get them ....i will also need some other misc. parts like hood and left flip up light!!! i got...
  4. 4th Gen
    Need both fenders and master window control switch. Prefer local (91770 area) but hit me up at 6262623712 and let me know what you have.
  5. 4th Gen
    i'm lookin for..... (1) 15" inch Si rim (1) Driver side front fender Also if anyone can recommend a chamber kit for my 4th gen at a reasonable price thanks.:) for a 4ws model
  6. Write ups & How tos
    Most of you know my write-ups. No parts or cost list, just straight to the good shit. :cheesy: Cornering Lamp Install First you need the template. Which I so kindly created and am providing for free. :inlove: You then want to cut out everything INSIDE the black line and tape it to the bumper...
  7. Part Outs
    I have taken almost every part off my Honda Prelude. The exterior is black. I have for sale the following:prices are firm, plus shipping Driver Fender sold front bumper 25 rear bumper 25 headlights (projector retrofit, and OEM) tail lights 30 pair rear bumper lights 20 pair sunroof motor 10...
  8. 4th Gen
    I recently bought a 92 si and i wanted to install some fender flares. any ideas?
  9. 4th Gen
    Ok, I'm new. My friend wrecked his Prelude and I bought it from him for a cheap price. My dad and I are working on it, we mainly have everything else good but we need the Lh front fender because it was damaged too much in the wreck. And the Lh rear fender is all chipped up and rusted somewhat...
1-9 of 9 Results