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  1. 5th Gen
    Hello everyone yes I am new to the forums (sorta-I always read them but never posted) but this will be my first actual post. I recently just traded a bike I bought for 700$ for a 1999 Honda Prelude SH (I know an SH…) First few things I’d like to mention: The motor was swapped for a JDM? F20B...
  2. Builds
    Hi Yall, so long story short, on New Years Eve my stock H22a4 blew up and melted a piston on me. She ran strong for 242,000 miles original to the car. Well some things happen for a reason, the previous summer, i actually purchased a used F20B that had a blown piston from being boosted by...
  3. 4th Gen
    This might be a stupid question. Im planning to do engine swap to my lude when i have resources to do it. I want to swap my current f20a4 to a f20b bluetop so my question is this: does they share same engine mounts or do i have to fabricate new mounts or something? Thanks!
  4. 3rd Gen
    Hey guys, I think it's finally time to start the process for a motor AND transmission swap for my '91 Prelude Si. The car currently has a B21A1 with an automatic transmission. I'm looking to go for a H22 swapped from a 92-95 Prelude with a 5-speed manual transmission. I'm in the process of...
  5. Engine/Exhaust/Transmission
    I have a set of Wiseco Forged Pistons meant for an F20B build. Ended up not being able to use them because of clearance issues so I am putting them up for sale. If you have more questions send me an email at [email protected] Asking $600 OBO we can work out shipping where ever you are...
  6. Introduction
    My name is Daniel, and I am a mechanic of 20 years specializing in Honda. I have driven all types of Hondas but my favorite Honda has got to be the 5th Gen Prelude - They are just fun to drive and do almost everything well. A couple years ago I found a mechanic special and against my wife's...
  7. 3rd Gen
    Okay so i got an f20b in my prelude running the stock obd2b pcb004 ecu. i hooked up all the wires up correctly but when i turn on the car the engine turns over and stays on for like 5 seconds then starts bogging out and turns off. if you turn on the car and rev it it automaticly bogs and dies. i...
  8. 3rd Gen
    Hey guys, to start off i have a 1989 Prelude Si and im currently swapping the b20a5 with a F20B (DOHC) SIR-T. Instead of going OBD1 Im sticking with the PCB-004 ECU (OBD2). My question is how will i make vtec work? I put the vss from the b20 onto the f20b but im pretty much clueless from there...
  9. 4th Gen
    I have a 92 prelude si with 210k miles on it and I recently just blew my timing belt and since my motor is an interference engine I bent my valves and all kinds of good shit and mechanic says to rebuild its going to cost 2200$ so I think I'm either going to buy a h23a vtec or an f20b vtec or...
  10. Introduction
    hello, i have a 93 prelude vtec, i recently blew the motor :( but i bought a new one a few days ago, im going from a h22a to a f20b :D
  11. ECU Tuning
    gotta f20b im bout to drop in my bb6 i know i should rock a pcb ecu cuz that what the accord type r comes stock with but i can only find automatic pcb ecu's on ebay, would an automatic pcb ecu b okay? would my factory h22 ecu b good enough? open to suggestions sank u :smilejap:
  12. 4th Gen
    I am looking to swap my block in my '93 Prelude. I'm looking to either go with either the: 2000 H23A DOHC VTECH Bluetop Long Block H22A Long Block or the F20B Long Block (Manual Version) I seem to notice more people going with the H22A but was wanting some more opinions and reasons why. Thanks all!
1-13 of 16 Results