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  1. 3rd Gen
    any solution? I want one but have no idea where to find. LEDlogo or doesnt carry to fit 3rd gen. if someone can make I can commission.
  2. 5th Gen
    I have a 98 Prelude Type SH (built in Canada) and it has what looks like the JDM honda emblems. The guy that sold it to me said they were the original emblems that came on the type SH's. If anyone could tell me what front/rear honda emblems came on it when it was first built, and also if it had...
  3. Exterior/Styling
    OEM Honda Prelude Emblem Mint obo. Got front Honda Emblem OEM BRAND NEW - $15 shipped OEM prelude 1997-2001 prelude turn signals - SOLD stock springs 50k miles on them they are mint aswell. - SOLD CONTACT ME BY PM/EMAIL OR TXT/CALL - 703-662-1711
  4. Wanted
    Delete bought what I was looking for.
1-4 of 5 Results