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electrical problem

  1. Interior Electrical Problem

    3rd Gen
    I need help with a small electrical problem. Ever since I bought my 89 Prelude about a month ago the ceiling dome light, the light around the ignition, and the dinger that tells you when your lights are left on havent worked. Yesterday they all started working but wouldnt work every time. I...
  2. Fog light problem?

    3rd Gen
    Ok so i been wondering why my fogs do not work for awhile. It turned out it was just a fuse...bulbs were fine. So i used them for about 5 minutes shut off the car and when to see the game. I come out start it up and do not see my fogs lighting up so i figure the fuse burnt out again. But what...
  3. Elect. Short is frustrating me!

    3rd Gen
    Hey guys. So i have a 90 SI with the B21A1. Recently my battery has been dying. I checked everywhere for bare wires or just a crap connection and I cannot find it at all! I even pulled the whole engine harness and looked for cracked insulation on wires. I pulled ALL the fuses out from both...
  4. Please Help! car wont start; details inside

    4th Gen
    For starters I have a 93 vtec with a jdm h22a swap. I have never had any electrical problems before, but I am almost positive thats what this is. I stopped on an on ramp to do a launch, revved it up to about 4k and dropped the clutch, and about halfway out my car died and would not start...
  5. ..::: 5th Gen Newbie - Q&A Thread :::.. (New Members, PLEASE CLICK HERE)

    5th Gen
    are you a newbie? Too lazy to search? Do you have a question? Has it likely been asked before? well you are in luck. This thread is just for YOU. Here you can post your basic questions that have been asked and answered more times than i can count and not get flamed :omg:!!!!! Please DO NOT...