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  1. 5th Gen
    What's up my fellow prelude owners. As the title says, I bought an ebay exhaust. The brand is supposedly SRS but it's pretty much ebay. Anyways, I bought an ebay exhaust cause fuck it right, only like 150$ for like the entire thing. So we get it, although it isn't really 2.5'' piping as...
  2. 5th Gen
    Hey guys, so im going to order some ebay fogs soon because i Dont have a couple hundred to spend pn JDM ones, highschool makes it hard to afford shit ? but anyways, does anyone know how to tell the difference between v1 or v2 fogs? And any reccomendations for a specific light or seller? Cheers!
  3. 3rd Gen
    So I searched and this has been covered in small discussions but I couldn't find them so I'm posting this to hopefully get a quick response. I know its not advised to get an ebay header or any aftermarket parts in general... but the selection for our cars are so slim I am curious if anyone has...
  4. 3rd Gen
    Just found this on ebay and it ends soon. I need a new motor since my B20a5 has a busted rod. Please look at the photos and let me know if this is compatible with my 88 si 4ws w/ auto to 5 speed swap. I'll post pics of swap if all goes well. I've been screwed over in the past with this car and...
  5. Exterior
    Okay, here we go, this is my first review so I hope I do well enough for a proper review. This is an OEM replica polyurethane lip I purchased from eBay. The seller is and the price was $90 shipped to my door. Sorry if the pics are blurry/low quality the best camera I have...
  6. 5th Gen
    ok so on my normal ebay run I found these brakes by this company called trinet motorsports. there drilled and slotted but here's the question. has anyone ever heard of them or tried them? they have there own web site and they look pretty good so I was curious how you guys feel about them?? I...
1-6 of 6 Results