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  1. Cudaboy's Trim Clips Door Bumper Glass Moulding Molding & Screw Grommets

    3rd Gen
    Under construction check back later Cudaboy's Trim Clips Door Glass Moulding Molding & Screw Grommets: GUIDE: Where you see # followed by a number and (in diagram) this is the factory honda parts catalog identification on the official honda parts catalog. Windshield: COMPLETE KIT: PRECISION...
  2. Door trim fastener refab ideas please

    2nd Gen
    So a few weeks ago I dead engine rolled my lude out of my garage so it could be towed. Ofcourse I didn't wait for help, so with the drivers door opened enough to stick my leg out to push, I caught the door trim on the edge of may garage opening and sheared it clean off. Nice move! Has anyone...
  3. driver door will not open

    2nd Gen
    '87 2.0 SI, Door was working fine earlier in the day, now will not open from outside or inside. So I need to take the door panel off. From looking at passenger side there are two screws at the end of door, how do you remove those if you can't get the door open? Note: I searched the forum...
  4. Driverside Keylock stopped working

    4th Gen
    I can put the key in I just can't turn it. I took the door apart and can see the arms that are attached to all of the locking mechanisms but can't figure out why I cant turn the key in the door. Any Help?
  5. **HELP**Need 89 lude 2.0 Si Red fender and door needed

    3rd Gen
    I need left fender and door for 89 prelude 2.0 Si i would like to get complete door with power mirror and D/L , P/W and i am looking for it in red!! Does anyone have these for sale or know where i can get them ....i will also need some other misc. parts like hood and left flip up light!!! i got...
  6. Inner Door Clip holders

    5th Gen
    I'd take a picture, but i cant lol. And i checked ebay, and the resources here (i searched), but i CANNOT find these clips. Idk if you guys have seen them, but there the clips that hold the skinny metal bars were they need to go in the door. like from the back of the door handle to the door...
  7. ..::: 5th Gen Newbie - Q&A Thread :::.. (New Members, PLEASE CLICK HERE)

    5th Gen
    are you a newbie? Too lazy to search? Do you have a question? Has it likely been asked before? well you are in luck. This thread is just for YOU. Here you can post your basic questions that have been asked and answered more times than i can count and not get flamed :omg:!!!!! Please DO NOT...