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  1. Oil leak passage side block

    5th Gen
    I bought a 98 prelude a few months ago. I noticed an oil leak that is dripping a couple drops of oil over night from the passenger side of the block, I have done my research and have changed my vtech solenoid gasket, cam cap seal (after market one) and my distributor o ring. My valve cover is...
  2. JDM Distributor off H23A VTEC Motor

  3. 1992 S Model=>H22a Distributor problems

    4th Gen
    So just recently i blew my f22 up so i decided to swap in an H22a into it, its got some cool things like a lightweight flywheel, high comp pistons, whatever; my problem is that my wiring harness is wired up to use an external coil for the distributor. Since i had to replace the distributor for...
  4. Distributor timing h22

    5th Gen
    Ok so I searched but didnt find anything helpfull so here it goes. When I picked up my car it had no distributor for reasons I am unaware of. I got a distributor from a junkyard. Wasnt a u-pull it but they said it was off a 97 ( mine is a 97, Idk if the dizzys changed year to year or not)...
  5. Distributor issue and very high idle

    3rd Gen
    So it's ungodly late and I have been trying to sort this problem out for hours. Situation: installed block off plate on FIV and rerouted coolant lines to bypass trottle body, FIV, and the thing which I believe it's called the EACV. Upon doing so I had to remove the dizzy to allow access to...
  6. 92 Honda Prelude Won't start...Help Plz?

    4th Gen
    so Yesterday I came home and decided i was going to change my distributor cap and rotor. now i had driven my car 15 to 20 mins before deciding this. So i changed the distributor cap and rotor but i didn't unplug my battery before doing so and now i'm car wont start, so i did a little research...
  7. Surging idle after pushing clutch down.

    3rd Gen
    Okay so i have a 1989 prelude 2.0 si with a b20a5 in it. When i start my car the idle goes up to about 1200 and stays like that till it warms up. Once i get going my belts squeal, but not all the time. Usually does it in first gear and happens randomly in other gears at low rpms. But when i...
  8. Tach keeps jumping like mad, Fixed it with new dizzy, but problem is back

    Hey guys, So I've had this tach problem where it goes nuts when you reach high rpms ( like over 4k), it didnt affect the engine though. Until recently, it started to jerk the car. I heard it could be the ICM inside the distributor, so I exchanged the remanfactured dizzy from pepboys with another...
  9. distributor o ring replacement DIY, Pics!

    H22A/1+ & H23A/1+ Specific Information
    This is a great write-up on fixing those pesky leaking distributors! Includes pics....