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  1. 5th Gen
    My engine, while accelerating, will get to about 213°F and then cool back to normal after I reach 15mph. While the temperature is rising, my RPMs and my speedometer jump around. Thoughts?
  2. 3rd Gen
    i am haveing trouble with my 90 b20A5 prelude, the fuel and the temp gauge were working and i pulled the cluster gauge apart because my tach wasent working but now my tach works but my fuel and temp gauge dont work. and i have searched for about the past 3 days and i have cheacked all the...
  3. 3rd Gen
    Im doing an auto to manual swap on a 91 ex-b21. Does the manual dash cluster just bolt and plug right in? Ive heard talk about a neutral safety switch on doing an auto to manual swap.. what is this about and what do i have to do? im using an 88-89 manual tranny(d2j5) and there is what...
1-3 of 3 Results