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  1. Cracked Cylinder!

    2nd Gen
    Hi all. Have an 84 with stock engine. Noticed coolant was in my oil - think chocolate milk :omg:. Pulled the head and sent to machine shop to test - internal crack. Surfaces looked fine so I'm hoping the block is fine. Anyone know any good shops/resources that sell and ship reconditioned...
  2. Brake Booster and MC upgrades

    3rd Gen
    Are there any upgrades available for our cars in terms of MCs and Brake Boosters? 4th and 5th gen Prelude's boosters fit, right? Do their MCs fit on our boosters? I was hoping that the 3rd gen booster would be wimpy compared to theirs, and that I could use a 4th gen MC on our brake booster. Does...
  3. Bad Ignition Cylinder?

    3rd Gen
    Recently my 91 prelude has been having a strange issue starting. Most of the time I can start just fine, but once in a while when I turn to the 'start' position, nothing happens. The starter doesn't turn or click, the dash lights don't dim down. Most of the time I can turn the key back and forth...
  4. 1st Cylinder Misfire

    3rd Gen
    Alright, I've been lurking ever since I bought my prelude. 1989 2.0Si. It's my first car ever, and to be honest when I bought it it was a piece of junk. I've replaced soo many parts in it. The radiator, catalytic converter, alternator, spark plugs, motor mounts, etc... Anyways, my car won't pass...
  5. DIY: Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement (12-14-08)

    5th Gen
    Tools: 12mm socket and attachment 10mm open end wrench A Small amount of grease Cost: 19.95 (new cylinder) 4.88 32oz bottle dot 3 brake fluid (advanced auto) People: 2 First take off the line off the top on the M/C with 10mm wrench. Second unscrew 2 12mm bolts off bottom of M/C Apply a...