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  1. 3rd Gen
    Still hoping someone is parting out or can locate a lower timing cover for my 91 Prelude. It has the 2.05L motor. I need to get it back together. Any help would be appreciated! Alwaysidaho
  2. Write ups & How tos
    First of all, I just want to respond to everyone who has ever called this easy with a strong "SCREW YOU". I would gladly change a head gasket or install a full exhaust(with seized and rusty bolts too) than do this crap again. But I mean, different people are good at different things. These...
  3. Interior/Audio & Security
    For sale, tan clock with cover. $35.00 +shipping via pay pal
  4. 3rd Gen
    Does anyone know how to remove the front bumper cover on our 3rd gen preludes? I took the license plate bracket off to paint it and the nuts behind the cover have fallen off and it doesnt look like there is any easy way to get these back on...typical.
  5. 5th Gen
    i just wrote this up for someone, so i thought i'd share it since i couldn't find another write up. this is useful to save money on shipping Type-S or SiR seats (pictures are from SiR seats). I haven't fully done this myself yet, but it should be fairly straightforward. first remove the seat...
1-5 of 5 Results