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  1. shifter cable clutch failure?

    5th Gen
    Hi, just finished a manual swap on my fifth gen. but it takes me a ton of time trying to get reverse to engage, it’ll click in but when i release the pedal the shifter will jolt around and start grinding and then it doesn’t even stall! i can get into 1st, but i cannot get into second, same thing...
  2. Clutch slave cylinder

    5th Gen
    I have a manual 98 prelude that I'm replaced the clutch master and slave cylinder on. I'm pretty sure I got them both installed properly but the clutch pedal still drops straight to the floor and the slave cylinder wont disengage the clutch. I can push the rod back to were its supposed to be but...
  3. 1996 Honda Prelude VTEC Clutch sticks to floor

    4th Gen
    Hello, I have a 1996 Honda Prelude VTEC model. I bought this car in a no running condition but I got it to run after changing the main relay. The clutch was sticking to the floor and so I changed the slave cylinder because there was a new one in the car, still in the box. The old one was stuck...
  4. Lightweight flywheel clutch chatter

    5th Gen
    I'm planning on getting a lightweight flywheel, but don't want to get clutch chatter. I already did some research and know that the Fidanza flywheel has chatter. What are some lightweight flywheels that don't chatter much?
  5. Problem shifting

    4th Gen
    Can anybody explain this? I believe this is caused by my shift cable, but I may be wrong. It looks as though it's frayed or something, it looks like a lot of small wires where some aren't connected. It doesn't look right. it's similar to the picture, but not as bad. Very similar though. So...
  6. Flashing engine light? Possible misfiring?

    5th Gen
    Hey all, new to the forum. A little backstory on my car: I picked up a 5 speed 2001 base model prelude 7 months ago. It's my first car and I knew next to nothing when I picked it up (still do not know a ton); so of course I was sold an oil burning lemon. About 2 months ago, it started having an...
  7. Exedy Clutch Kit - Where can I find one?

    3rd Gen
    Hey guys, so I'm trying to find an Exedy clutch kit online but I'm having issues. A lot of my finds say they fit 88-91, which doesn't make sense because I know they're not interchangeable. Has anyone bought an Exedy clutch kit recently that could supply me with a link? Or Advice on these...
  8. B20 Swap clutch question.

    3rd Gen
    I have a JDM B20A and just had to order a JDM B20A Transmission for 88-91 (they didn't specify 88-89 or 90-91) I need to find out what clutch I need to get. theyre Japanese so do I get a Japanese specific clutch or am I fine getting any clutch kit that auto zone says fits the 2.0?
  9. HELP: 3rd Gen Clutch wont shift when started

    3rd Gen
    In sum, my car wont go into gear while running... but when its off it will go into all gears. To put it into gear and start it causes the car to jump forward even with the clutch pushed I think.. but the slave cylinder / fork opens up when you push the clutch. Also.. I did the B21A1 swap to...
  10. B21A1 to B20A... Clutch question

    3rd Gen
    I know this is a general question which you can search and i did. This is confusing to me so somebody please help me out.. This is the clutch I was looking at on ebay. The weird thing is it says it fits...
  11. I'm an idiot

    3rd Gen
    Alright, I figured that title would catch your attention. Now that you're here, my issue, as it stands: The other night, while out in the middle of nowhere trying to rescue a fellow 3rd Gen, I burnt my clutch playing in dirt/gravel pavement. Thing is, I'm not sure exactly what happened... or...
  12. clutches?

    3rd Gen
    i have a 89 prelude with a jdm b20a in it and a d2j3 i want to get a better clutch but all i can find is ACT and i was wondering how good they are?
  13. 4th Gen Clutch Kit

    4th Gen
    Whats up! I'm new to the forum and need a bit of advice. I am looking to fet a new clutch for my 94 h22 prelude Vtek but am unsure of what to get. i am looking for a clutch that is good for everyday drive but would still increase proformance for street racing (some more power). i need some...
  14. Braided Clutch line?

    4th Gen
    Ok so im in the process of going from my old H23 Auto trans to a H22A Manual. and im down to having to run a new hard line from the clutch master cyl. And was wondering if it would be easier to buy a braided clutch line from master cyl to slave cyl. And if anyone knows where you can buy braided...
  15. my prelude wont shift*help please*

    3rd Gen
    Hi I'm new to here but yea just like in the title my prelude is locked and won't shift to any of the top half I can shift to 2 - 4 - R but can't shift to 1 -3 -5 idk what's going on but I can't find anything about it so who better to ask then people with the same car. In the end has...
  16. installed new cluch car wont start

    5th Gen
    i have a 2000 honda prelude base put in a new clutch and now the car wont start wont even turn over any suggestions???
  17. Clutch Release Fork

    2nd Gen
    I am replacing the clutch in my 86 lude SI. I finally got the transmission out and I am hoping that the problem is the throw out bearing(using a clutch kit so it was getting replaced regardless). I think the shift release fork is damaged, does anyone have any pictures of what it should look...
  18. Clutch bleed

    4th Gen
    hey, i have a 92 honda prelude. we recently just put a tranny and clutch in. now to the point of bleeding the clutch, the clutch pedal is all the way to the floor, after a couple of minutes of bleeding it, no pressure or anything on the pedal. can anyone please give me advice to what i need to...
  19. Shifting Problem

    3rd Gen
    I have a 91 2.0 SI, brand new clutch about 3,000 miles ago. i have recently developed a bit of a problem shifting into 3rd and 4th. Here's the scoop.. Typically, as i shift up through the gears there is no problem. It's only if i'm down shifting from 5th into 4th, or from 4th into 3rd that...
  20. clutch in 4th gen.

    i recently had my transmission replaced and ive driven it maybe 300 miles and it seems that the syncronizers in the transmission just arent seeming to be lined up. the transmission was used when i bought it but i had a mechanic check it out and he said that the trans was fine. does anybody have...