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clutch master cylinder

  1. Clutch slave cylinder

    5th Gen
    I have a manual 98 prelude that I'm replaced the clutch master and slave cylinder on. I'm pretty sure I got them both installed properly but the clutch pedal still drops straight to the floor and the slave cylinder wont disengage the clutch. I can push the rod back to were its supposed to be but...
  2. Proper way to bleed clutch master/slave install?

    5th Gen
    I've searched, and read a few descriptions and videos of the process. But as I'm sure you know each situation is a little different. I did read Fallacy's write up already, and tried that method and got nada regarding a correctly functioning clutch. That is why I wrote this post. Anyway, so...
  3. Prelude sh transmission problem

    5th Gen
    hello my prelude is giving me some trouble. After letting a friend drive my car :banghead: My transmission will not go into reverse gear. It is also grinding 5th (i have to pump the clutch 2x to go into gear). It seem like if i hold the clutch down the car will want to stall and makes a rumbling...