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  1. 5th Gen
    Hey guys, So I've got a 2001 prelude and everything was going nice and smooth until the weather started getting a little chillier. I recently started noticing that when I press the brakes hard enough, they'll make a nice clunk sound, then once I let off and start accelerating the car will clunk...
  2. Write ups & How tos
    This is a guide on how to fix the notorious clunking noise (Shock Knock) that is generated from the rear on 5th Gen Preludes. BACKGROUND: The clunking noise being addressed in this guide is caused by the shock collar found at the top of each rear shock assembly. It is commonly referred to as...
  3. Universal Write ups & How Tos
    Hey fellow “Luders” . Just wanted to do a write up on replacing the axles , or cv joints for any would-be do it yourselfer. I’ve done several axle changes on 3rd gen preludes. This was my first time on my 2nd gen 87 Si 5-speed. This was by far the most difficult. Seems like I ran into every...
1-3 of 3 Results