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  1. General
    Hey y’all I got a boosted h22 head with h23 block and before this happened I had a bad iac and one day I was driving and out of no where my cel came on along with a lil kick so I pulled over to check it out and couldn’t find anything Nd then about 2 mins away from home Nd it’s started misfiring...
  2. 5th Gen
    I have a '99 Base.. I have a few issues. I am hoping they aren't issues at all. I just got the rear main changed, clutch replaced, and the serpentine done.. In the past week, I went to vtec and then had a flashing CEL... but it went off after 10 seconds, took my OBDII and no codes were found...
  3. 3rd Gen
    Okay, so I have a '91 Si 2.1 4ws. It's time to renew my registration, but first I need to pass emissions testing. On a car of this age, they just give you the old tailpipe test and check the gas cap. I have no trouble passing those, as my emissions are fine. The problem is, a car will fail...
  4. 5th Gen
    I tried to retrieve my CEL and the light keeps flashing 4 long and 5 short, thats if I read it correctly. So is the code 45? 4545? P4545? Here is a video: What code is this? I could not find it in the "How to: retrieve CEL" thread Thanks in advance Mike
  5. 3rd Gen
    I have a 91 Prelude Si 2.1 and my check engine light came on today. I am pretty sure it is a code 41 but I am not certain so I am going to post a video of the blinking and hopefully y'all can give me your opinions. Thanks
  6. 5th Gen
    The other night my check engine came on again. I had the code read and found out it was a P0420 or "Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)". I was wondering if anyone has an idea of what might be wrong. The car is running perfectly. The only thing I did to it recently was put some...
  7. 4th Gen
    i searched and cant come up with a straight answer, i have abs code 3-4 one list says "right rear rotor damage", one says "right rear pulser" another says "right rear abs sensor" and yet another says "right rear wheel sensor" the only constant is right rear lol so what is abs code 3-4 for a...
  8. 3rd Gen
    my cel came on saying my egr was bad, went to the shop got it fixed, passed emmisions, and the cel is still on, reset my ecu... still ON... it still throws a code 12 = EGR. WTF do i do??? PLZ HELP ITS SO ANNOYING!!!!!
  9. 5th Gen
    I just got my 99 prelude about three weeks ago. it's red with the leather package 114,xxx miles and nothing mechanically wrong everything is completely stock i got it through a trade in for my old VW Jetta so it was a hell of a deal if you ask me but anyways about a week after I had gotten it...
  10. Write ups & How tos
    There have been more than one of these threads, but I just don't like the pictures in the others. And since I needed to do this process myself, I figured I'd turn it into a write-up. So, here we go. Step 1: Get into the passenger side of your car. Locate the OBD-II panel cover and just pull it...
  11. 4th Gen
    so i've been having problems with this lude ever since i got it...i crashed my 95 SE but saved the engine and swapped into this 92....right now it's running really rich and having major revving idle i'm fine but once i try to bring it up i get to 2000rpm and it starts freaking...
1-11 of 11 Results