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  1. 5th Gen
    Just purchased an ‘01 with catback...check engine light and ATTS came on...previous owner said this occurs because 02 sensor but code cane be cleared. Wondering how to solve the issue and considering replacing CatBack with stock exhaust. Any help appreciated.
  2. 4th Gen
    95 prelude got a couple questions........ Would coilovers made to fit a 98-02 accord fit on a 95 prelude also I'm thinking of goin to a catback exhaust what are some good brands and I was told straight piping it would give it more power?? Is this true?? And if I do is there a way to silence the...
  3. 3rd Gen
    if you have some time money and effort you can fit a 94-01 integra catback on 89 si. i got a megan catback off craigslist for $80 bucks and made several cuts and i made some adjustments and it fit right on. i have it fitting just like the oem with no real hassle. i didnt do any bending of any...
  4. 5th Gen
    Today, I installed my brand new GReddy SE catback. I had a hard time finding a good catback i wanted with the oval muffler since a lot of companies that make catbacks and other tuner parts have gone bankrupt (including GReddy). Finally I discovered the Spectrum Elite and decided to fork out the...
  5. 3rd Gen
    I was wondering what kind of lips will fit the 3rd gen lude. Will 4th gen prelude wwrs lip kit fit? I would like the mugen...lip but which one fits the most? Plus with the catback..anyone that fits? Gosh, seems like so much customizing for this gen, thankyou!
  6. 5th Gen
    so about 2 nights ago i bought an ebay N1 on craigslist from this dude that sold his prelude and for $90 i couldnt let it pass by. anyways this morning i got up and after 2 hours it was installed by myself and the fitment is great and looks ok in my opinion but when i took it out for a drive and...
1-6 of 6 Results