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  1. hi all from the little isle of wight

    Thanks for the add everyone. My names sean. Im new to the forum. Just bought a 2nd gen 1985 lude on 37k with possible carb problems. ( seen it posted on here from last year) (car in profile pic) just wondering if people know where you can get wheel arch repair panels or similar ones that...
  2. new guy here -hope you don't ger sick of me

    I just picked up a rust free 1989 prelude S. Has been parked for 10 plus years. Low mileage, severe sun fading. I am in the process of changing all fluids and timing belt. Of course have some carb issues. Must have been a fire at some point as many of the air cleaner hoses are melting...
  3. 3rd Gen_ My Red 2.0S B20A3

    Hello PreludePower, here's my B20A3 daily driver that I bought on December 31st, 2012. Back when I first got her: First pic sent to me from the original owner at 162k before purchase: My car as of September 8, 2014 (wasn't washed in this pic): Exterior: '90 2.0Si passenger foglight with...
  4. 2000 w/ supercharger in california

    5th Gen
    Wsup my prelude lovers, I've had my prelude for the past 6 years, bought it with a supercharger, 70k miles and love it to death. I am currently in the air force and just recently had a baby. I've contemplated on selling my prelude but I just can't let it go. My only problem with it is the OBDI...
  5. I need an answer to a question I don't know.

    3rd Gen
    I am having a few strange problems with my Prelude. For those of you who haven't read my other thread, I have had this car for a few years. I haven't driven it in those years. It has been sitting and rotting in my driveway for at least two years. I got it started yesterday. I changed the oil...
  6. Rebuild or Replace Keihin Side Draft Carb?

    2nd Gen
    My '85 Prelude is running rich. There are no accessible mixture screws (I think I have to remove the carb and drill out the mixture adjusting screw plugs). I'm thinking of either replacing the carb with a rebuilt ($325) or rebuilding the carb with a kit. Has anyone had any luck with the $20...
  7. CA CARB research and documentation

    3rd Gen
    For those who are in CA or going to be in CA at some point and will be needing to obtain a smog certificate in order to register or renew their prelude (or other vehicle), I thought it would be a good resource to actually be able to look up the original executive order listing for your parts, to...
  8. New to preludes

    Forced Induction
    Hi, I just got a 89 Prelude S and I was wondering if there were any Turbo kits for it? I would like to keep it Carbed if possible, I plan on getting some Weber Carburetors for it. Thanks.