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  1. Builds
    Hi, my name is Pierce. Here I will be posting pictures and keeping updates on my '99 Prelude Base. Over the summer I will be doing various mods and aesthetics to my car while documenting it! Stay tuned for current pictures and project ideas! (If anyone has any idea of a Honda meet in...
  2. Prelude Meets
    just tell a bit about miself first i own a 91 lude dvd screen and head unit 2x10 inch subs in the boot no amp curently extirior is ok but needs a bit of work but not to bad just needs a boot respray and hoping on chnging whole car colour but if i could get all the aussi luders to meet out at...
  3. Prelude Meets
    Every Friday and Saturday night there is a car meet at the furniture factory out by the tacoma mall. There are hardly any ludes and looking for a big turn out every week. Its located at 1913 S. 72nd St. HWY 5 & 72nd there is a nice diversity of cars. So hope to see you out there I will have my...
1-3 of 3 Results