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  1. 5th Gen
    Hello guys! I am in search of some bushings for my lude and i cant find anything that is not over 300€ (Energy suspension) I have a 2.0i 16v F20A4 gen 5 prelude. Does the 4th gen kit work on my car? I found that kit at only 235$ and it would be pretty nice hyperflex bushings.. Is there any...
  2. 3rd Gen
    Im getting rid of my 1990 lude because I don't have the time or money to get it to were I want it so with that in mind I wont need any of these parts which I am putting up for sale.:) Please I know I don't have enough posts to put into the f/s section but Im not scamming if you want a specific...
  3. Suspension/Brakes/Handling
    Need a set of rear adjustable (preferred) sway bar end links. Don't have to be adjustable but would definitely be a plus. Can't find rears anywhere but fronts are in abundance. Wanted to test the waters around here to see if I could snag a set from someone on the site before trying to fab my...
  4. Write ups & How tos
    There are a lot of write-ups on removal, but not too many on the installation of new bushings. So here goes (note this would apply to all gens and other cars too)... When you go to remove shock fork bolts, there is a very good chance you'll break them. They get rusted and seized to the inner...
  5. 3rd Gen
    Hi, I'm having a hard time finding a set of front and rear upper control arm bushings. Anyone know where I can get a front and rear kit?
  6. General
    Tech article I found about pressing in bushings yourself. Why pay a machine shop?
1-6 of 7 Results