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  1. OEM Electron Blue front bumper? Anyone?

    5th Gen
    In between finding a clean front bumper that’s blue or finding a bumper and color matching the rest of my car (which id rather not do).
  2. F/S 5th Gen: Rear Bumper

    Free Rear Bumper Gone!
  3. 89 Prelude Front Bumper Removal

    3rd Gen
    Does anyone know how to remove the front bumper cover on our 3rd gen preludes? I took the license plate bracket off to paint it and the nuts behind the cover have fallen off and it doesnt look like there is any easy way to get these back on...typical.
  4. WTB: 4th gen Parts Exterior/Interior

    I am looking for some 4th gen parts including: -rear bumper -sunroof lid -door Window belt molding -one Piece headlights -oem passenger taillight For the bumper, don't mind the color just as long its not damaged. Let me know the price and shipping to 47807. Thank you
  5. down hill dog's front bumper lude

    2nd Gen
    So I went on his profile to ask him what kind of bumper he got on his lude, but he hasn't been on the forums for a while now. Can someone tell me what kind of front bumper this is and is that an 86 Integra lip?
  6. F/S 3rd Gen: White 91 Prelude Si Part Out

    Part Outs
    PRICES LOWERED, MAKE OFFERS Si Trunk (with spoiler) is going for $75 + shipping Si Bumper Cover is going for $35 + shipping OEM 91 Prelude Fog Lights (with bracket assembly) are going for $50 + shipping Turn Signal Switch is going for $25 + shipping I live in Durham, if...
  7. F/S 5th Gen: OEM Bumper Bra

    Hello, Looks like I won't be needing these after all. I have two bumper bras. $100 obo for each. I honestly have no clue what these are worth, so shoot me a reasonable offer. Thanks Cheers Mike
  8. OEM Prelude Bumper/Hood Bra

    5th Gen
    Hello fellow PP members I am in need of some help. Here's the story. I recently got my whole car painted and I would like to take the precaution of protecting the paint as much as possible. I know that's some what difficult to do but I'll do whatever I can in order to help. Now, I purchased...
  9. Bumper Question

    3rd Gen
    So I have checked the forums and have had no luck finding what I am looking for. Real sorry if I overlooked it. I have a 91 lude with a real messed up front bumper. One problem, can't find a decent replacement with spending a bunch of money. I am finding 88/89 all over. I actually prefer the...
  10. F/S 4th Gen: JDM Bumper Lenses

  11. bumper repair estimate? help!!

    5th Gen
    i just messed up the front bumper on my lude today. wondering if anyone could give a rough estimate on how much it would cost to repair/repaint? (pictures below) sorry for the picture size
  12. WRITEUP: Fix that infamous bumper sag for good

    Write ups & How tos
    I'm sure everyone knows about the infamous 5g bumper sag. you know the one where the front bumper starts to sag like your wife's teets over time. jk. but anyhow, apparently there has been many attempts as to how to fix this little problem, but i've got the fastest, easiest, cheapest and most...