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  1. Need new dash lights!

    3rd Gen
    1990 b20a5 manual (: A few of my dash bulbs are bad, actually an alarming amount. anyway, These are tiny little bulbs, and i do not know how to buy new ones. Can i just bring one to Advanced Auto and tell them i need replacements? Or do they have some nifty size name? I have looked around online...
  2. Osram Night Breakers: H1 Halogen Headlight Bulbs

    While I know many users here are very into HID's, I prefer regular old halogen bulbs. I am not opposed to HID's but I like not having to rewire, look for ballast, or install projector lenses that I know can take the heat. I also work nights so I have a definite preference for bright headlights...
  3. D2S bulb question

    I currently have a whole bunch of Philips D2S bulbs and I want to test them to see if they work, the problem is I don't know anyone who takes the OEM HID Bulb. Can I test them any other way? Also if I have projectors who takes D2S bulbs, what other bulb would be able to fit into the projector...
  4. F/S 5th Gen: BRAND NEW h1 80/100w bulbs*cheap

    I have some brand new h1 high output light bulbs 80/100 watt.They give off some a bright white/bluish output. well if anyone wants pics let me know. i am selling them for 15shipped/all around the U.S I have some on my tercel & this is the difference between stock.This pic sucks...