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  1. Led Halo Headlights/bulbs explode

    5th Gen
    Hey yall, I own a year 2000 prelude. My passenger side headlight went out a while ago, so i went to replace the bulb. I made sure not to touch the new bulb with my fingers, but when I installed the it and started the car, after about 10 seconds there was an audible POP. When i checked it out...
  2. Honda Prelude right headlight not working?

    5th Gen
    Hey there, I was just sitting in my drive way when I noticed my right headlight bulb was not on. Today I went to an auto part store assuming my light bulb was burned out. Not the case, I place the new one in, no dice. I check to see if there is electricity coming through the socket and also the...
  3. Changing Headlight Bulb

    4th Gen
    Hey guys I have a 1991 Prelude but I've been told that it is a JDM model so it fits the 4th generation section. I'm trying to change one of the headlight bulbs as it has blown. Here is what I see, how do I get the bulb out to change it? I.E: do I pull, twist, both? It seems like a simple...
  4. Tail Light Bulb Replacement?

    5th Gen
    I am trying to change the bulbs in a 98 Prelude base, was told at napa that there was 2 different size bulbs for that year (assuming they changed them for good that year) my bulb type on my prelude is the very small bulbs not the larger ones in the later years of the 5th gen. My question is a...
  5. 98 Prelude Headlight and Tail Light Problems

    5th Gen
    Recently, my inner tail light on the driver side started going out. I found that If i hit the outside casing of the light itself the bulb would come back on, so I figured it was just a loose connection, messed with it, didnt seem to change anything. Drove around for a few days with it still...
  6. Looking for 2 x H1 bulb sockets,par number 33116-SD4-961

    5th Gen
    As the title says I'm looking for two low/high beam bulb sockets part number 33116-SD4-961. The US parts companies don't seem to want to ship to Canada. Please PM me if you have some. Thanks.
  7. Osram Night Breakers: H1 Halogen Headlight Bulbs

    While I know many users here are very into HID's, I prefer regular old halogen bulbs. I am not opposed to HID's but I like not having to rewire, look for ballast, or install projector lenses that I know can take the heat. I also work nights so I have a definite preference for bright headlights...