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  1. 1990 4ws boost?

    3rd Gen
    I have '90 si 4ws with a b21a1. im looking for a b20a5 to boost, any thoughts. I want to eventually make this a complete track car mostly autocross
  2. New RHD Lude owner

    First off I'm Chris I'm living here in Hawaii So parts are harrrrrrd to get at reasonable price I have owned 45 Hondas...yes seriously 45 So I'm not new to the honda game but this is my first prelude... 1992 Rhd Prelude imported not converted H22a Skunk2 Intake Manifold Skunk2 72mm...
  3. My B20/21 hybrid build plan - All input welcome

    3rd Gen
    Hey guys, I recently (finally) started work on the engine I plan to use to replace my worn out b21. I'm piecing together parts at the moment, and the block/crank/rods are at the machine shop as we speak. Basically what I want to do with this motor is overbuild it slightly, so I can have the...
  4. New Luder wanting to boost!

    3rd Gen
    so i bought my 1991 prelude SI b21a1 almost a month ago for next to nothing, runs fantastic not burning oil or leaking it anywhere. since this is going to be my garage queen i thought about doing a turbo... nothing crazy just 5-8 or even 10 pounds of boost... not sure how much she can handle and...
  5. Boosting Prelude

    5th Gen
    Hi, I am looking for a cheap way to boost a 5th gen prelude without sacrificing reliability. Specifically, i am looking for something that will cost under 1.5 grand.. Supercharger and turbocharger both are fine as to what i am looking for. i just want something that is lower in price, reliable...
  6. F/S: Walbro 255 Fuel Pump

    Hey I have for sale a brand new, never used Walbro 255 pump. If I recall this is the one for the 90-93 accord model number: GSS341 This was designed to go into my boosted 3rd gen, however it was totaled and I noticed I still had this laying around. So my loss is your gain. Normally these...
  7. Boost Controller & Turbo Timer

    Forced Induction
    Hey guys, up for sale are a few remaining items: 1) Hallman Boost Controller - Anodized Purple 2) Greddy Turbo Timer - Silver I would like $75+S/H for each OR if you'd like both $125 shipped! Pictures are below (From internet, I will mobile upload when I get home): Greddy Turbo Timer -...
  8. 5th Gen_ blake903's boosted build

    Well I'm gettin close to boosting this thing so I thought I would start a build thread. Engine Specs: darton mids stock crank, just polished and balanced eagle h beams rods cp 10:1 pistons acl calico coated bearings fresh rebuilt head all new oem gaskets Mods: currently hondata s300, running...
  9. F/S: jackson racing supercharger for h22

    contact:text to 409.454.2539 or pm 2500 for everything or give me offer for things seperate s/c kit w/9lb pulley(w/jackson racing piggy back if need just the s/c) walbro 255 fuel pump p72 ecu w/ hondata s200 550cc injectors modified aem intake short vid...
  10. 4th Gen_ hjdanzi's h23 turbo build thread

    Hi everyone…. As you all know i posted a thread (2 months ago), titled “known problems with turbo setup”… I received a lot of help from all, especially from, 1sickasslude (you are the king bro), 98vtec (special thanks to you dude), ludist, gregbb1, djtema (thanks a lot), neonxiii (man.... you...
  11. I need help!!!!!!!!! 92 Si H23a1

    4th Gen
    I finally got all the money together go boost my car and got it all done and it was running awesome except my crankshaft went bad and I do not know how to get another one. A am a US Soldier stationed overseas and I have very little access to replacement parts for this engine. I need to know if...
  12. Boosted 92si Need High flow oil pump

    4th Gen
    Does anyone know where I can get a good oil pump for a reasonable price? Right now the factory one is not cutting it. I cracked the main bearings when I was doing a test run and I rather replace the pump for a better one now that the engine is open. It could be used but prefer new. Feel free to...