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  1. **Failthread** I just had sex thread

    To keep this simple once you get a kill, simply post an X and if you want follow up with some info.... Rules are simple you can only post after getting a kill....Multiple kills on the same target are allowed:)
  2. Fallacy for Mod

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    In troubled times, a shake-up is often necessary. In the wake of such scandals as the Great Rash of 2010, many questions have been asked of the quality and character of our mods, as well as the general quality and character of the forum. Ladies and gentleman, like a bearded, white Obama, I...
  3. Lol Purolator Fail

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    Lol just to let everyone know i live like an hour EAST of Toronto.. so i hope it comes to me and not end up over in china lol 2010/11/08 11:42 Corrective Action - Currently In Transit via CALGARY, AB depot 2010/11/08 00:34 Shipment In Transit via CALGARY, AB depot 2010/11/08 00:33 Picked up by...
  4. NSFW: 2nd beast fourm ever!!!!!

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    lol this site is awesome I cant believe people actually post this shit for free, I'm wondering if I can find anyone i know on there and blackmail them haha this site is awesome for all you OT-whores lol warning this site may cross the line lol