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  1. List every problem a 3rd gen prelude normally has here.

    3rd Gen
    I'm in the planning stages of my 89' build and was wondering what the prelude in it's stock form has to improve on. I'm not looking for performance, rather just reliability and overall drivability. The point of the build is to get together a prelude I wouldn't feel bad about dailying and won't...
  2. Honda paint codes

    Hey folks, new guy here. My first prelude is a 1990 4WS 3G, EUDM, so it has the b20a9 engine topping 140PS. I just picked it up and I am super stooooked! But nothing is perfect- at least not yet! Someone has hit the front bumper on it. Its an easy fix, but i will need to respray it. The...
  3. 88-91 3g shell

    Dilemma resolved. DELETE ME!
  4. "What Part is This?" Thread

    4th Gen
    I was about to ask on a request thread why there isn't threads that is a request to know the part on a prelude so I decided to make one and I hope it works out to be helpful for others. I think it should be in each gen category to keep it organized or just in a all-in one section so its not just...
  5. F/S 4th Gen: 4th GEN FOR SALE

    Cars For Sale
    92si 5spd 120,xxx miles Black on steelies or with the "SE" wheels the bad No engine!! Threw a rod pull the motor to see if it was salvageable its not. Everything else is still with the car full wiring harness, axles, trans. the car has some very minor rust on the passenger side wheel well. other...
  6. body kits

    4th Gen
    does anyone know if i can put a 5th gen front bumper in my 92?