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  1. Crank No Start 99' Type SH, I'm LOST

    5th Gen
    Extreme TL:DR : Manual 5th gen Type SH. Cranks, won't start. Sat for a year. Packed with snow after sitting. New battery. Full timing job done. Ignition wires and spark plugs replaced. Good spark, compression and fuel. Can hear fuel pump prime. No check engine light or codes. Check engine light...
  2. 97 grill

    5th Gen
    Hello just bought a 97 prelude 5th gen looking for a grill for the front haven’t had any luck anywhere else pretty new to forums as well
  3. 5th Gen Coilovers

    5th Gen
    anyone know what coilovers have the biggest drop ? i am currently on ebay coilovers installed by the previous owner and they are shot. rears are tucking 17x9s and they aren’t even maxed out but my fronts are maxed out and aren’t nearly as low as the rears
  4. Whats up PP!?!?!

    Hey everybody my names Stephin/Seven and im from Los Angeles, CA . I own a 1998 US BB6 BASE (5th gen so everyone knows haha) that I purchased roughly 3 years ago after wanting to get my hands on one for about 8 years (im 26 btw). Ive loved Preludes since the first time I saw one in highschool...
  5. Car won't start after head gasket

    5th Gen
    Hey, so I'm having problems with my car not starting after doing a head gasket change. Let me tell you exactly how it went down. So i was a new mechanic and looked on alldata how to do the head gasket and what it didn't tell me was that I had to put the engine at top dead center before I took...
  6. Endlinks?

    5th Gen
    I bought the ST rear swaybar for my 1999 prelude base awhile back, anyone know where I can find stronger endlinks/mounts for this? Will OEM be okay? Last thing I need is it ripping out lol. Any help would be great, thanks. Also (I know it's completely different) on my wrx I have stout mounts...
  7. camber kits???

    5th Gen
    Looking into lowering my bb6 however don't want the wheels to have a ton of negative camber. Any suggestions on camber kits???
  8. Hello everyone at PPowe

    Hello peeps! I recently got a 5thgen a month ago. I am pretty happy with the car... wish it was stock so i could enjoy it in its pristine state but it got just cosmetic stuff. Engine is stock (well has a C/A intake) Will post pix soon but thank you for having me and I hope to make new friends...
  9. H22A JDM Engine

    5th Gen
    I have a knock in my 2000 prelude. I'm looking to replace the motor with the jam h22a. Anyone know of any good places to buy it through????:mrgreen:
  10. After 4 months of daily driving an s2000...& review

    I must say I have missed my prelude far more than I imagine. I wish I would have never S............................................... topped driving it lol. I have not drove it because it has been needing a new timing belt and i did not want to risk driving it with...
  11. WTB: JDM BB6 Black/Red Stitching REAR Seats

    Hello, Looking for JDM BB6 Prelude black with red stitching REAR seats. Must be in excellent-mint condition. If I remember correctly, the JDM BB6 Type S Prelude came with all black Leather on the outside and suede (alcantara?) on the inside with red stitching. Looks like this: Let me...
  12. 5th Gen_ AUS White BBSIX Progress Thread

    Hey guys, I'd like to share with you the progress on my baby since from when I got it in 2011. It was my second car and my first real project. It is always a work in progress, which is quite slow at the moment due to my university student budget. I got the car in the end of 2011, completely...
  13. Misfire Issue (all info included)

    5th Gen
    Hey guys, I know people have had similar issues but none of the threads I've read through really helped and I have a few questions not covered there as well. Just looking for some advice as to what my next move should be. When I bought my lude it had misfires in all cylinders, random multiple...
  14. 5th Gen Headlight Retrofit

    5th Gen
    I was wondering how much do retrofit headlight go for? :/ because I currently have the stock headlamps, and it has HIDs and causing a glare -.- I was wondering how much it would cost. Also if there is anyone (which I doubt there is) in Arkansas area that can retrofit! ...I'm tired of glares -.-
  15. Transmission Help! (Automatic)

    5th Gen
    My prelude (5th gen - 2000) it's an automatic and, well, it has been kicking since i got it but not when I accelerate, but when I come to a complete stop my rpm with go down to 1 and shoot up to 1500 rpm and then kicks...My guess is that the ATF needs to be changed considering the previous owner...
  16. What Coilovers to get?! D:

    Since this is my first prelude, I'm not sure what a good brand for coilovers to get. Anyone have any suggestions/reviews? Thank You! :D
  17. XXR 535? What do you think?

    5th Gen
    Question, what do you guys think about have these wheels on 5th gen Prelude?[email protected]/8168740582/in/photostream
  18. F/S 5th Gen: CHEAP 97 parts

    Part Outs
    Reach me at 317 397 61 97 through a text for fastest replies My i.m box is mostly full so feel free to post here with zip code and part. Motor mounts 15+shipping each or 40 for all of them + shipping. any parts that are in the engine bay make offers ( the motor is gone so just everything thats...
  19. f20b swap in bb6, pcb or WHAT?

    ECU Tuning
    gotta f20b im bout to drop in my bb6 i know i should rock a pcb ecu cuz that what the accord type r comes stock with but i can only find automatic pcb ecu's on ebay, would an automatic pcb ecu b okay? would my factory h22 ecu b good enough? open to suggestions sank u :smilejap:
  20. Honda Prelude BB6 AT and MT Front Cut Condition

    Hi! I am currently looking to do a BB6 swap. I found a couple of BB6 front half-cuts at an auto parts dealer. They come complete with the dash intact. One is auto and the other is a stick shift. The problem is that they are placed outdoors and the auto parts dealer stacks half-cuts on top...