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  2. N/A Mild, Budget build with lots of torque

    4th Gen
    Hey guys Ill be turning 18 here this month, and I want to do a mild budget build on my h22a vtec euro-r which I have on a engine stand. I want to do it right and learn at the same time. I would like to build my torque up rather than horsepower. The bottom end is solid and clean. I want to do...
  3. 92 Prelude Amber Corners

    4th Gen
    Hello PP members I had a question in regards to 4th gen headlights. I've owned my prelude for about 6 years and never once did i see the amber corner lights of the headlight turn on. Now i have jdm replica one pieces every thing is fine wire wise. I looked on online and some people say they are...
  4. 4th Gen_ Neons Final Build

    I decided to make this last thread about my car build. Theres a lot going on with this, so hopefully you guys will enjoy what will (hopefully) be the last leg of this prelude build. To start off, a photo of the current state of my car. Current Setup: Exterior Modifications- JDM One Piece...
  5. idle air control valve cleaning

    4th Gen
    my cars idle jumps up and down how can i clean my iacv it fu-kin bugs me
  6. OFFICIAL Low Offset Wheel Picture Thread

    4th Gen
    Saw a thread very very similar to this. The only difference is that this is for 4G ludes not 5G. Would like this to be more of a Pic thread rather than a discussion thread. Please if you post a pic give specs about your wheels such as wheel size, tire size, offset, how much the car is lowered...
  7. OFFICIAL 4th Gen Picture Thread

    4th Gen
    Rules of the thread 1. No comments- use the PM feature for questions/comments on the ludes. 2. Post pictures of the cars only. It doesn't have to be your car, but any 4th gen will do. 3. Enjoy! How-To Post Pictures -2qu1k4u