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  1. H22 or maybe F20B Swap

    3rd Gen
    Hey guys, I think it's finally time to start the process for a motor AND transmission swap for my '91 Prelude Si. The car currently has a B21A1 with an automatic transmission. I'm looking to go for a H22 swapped from a 92-95 Prelude with a 5-speed manual transmission. I'm in the process of...
  2. Issue With Timing Belt On Odd Junkyard engine

    3rd Gen
    Hello all. As you might have seen last year I posted about how I had a blown b21 and a running b20a3 block from the junk yard and I was going to put the b21 head on the b20a3 block and Ive done it and I had it running for about 5 minutes the other day. The only Issue Ive run into so far is...
  3. Well. I found the problem.

    3rd Gen
    So I knew I threw a rod bearing last week, and I finally got it on the stand and opened it up today. Here's some pics of my B21a1 that I attempted to build in grade 11/12 with 0 help (teacher was iffy) and knowing jack all. Lol just horrible. going with the order of 1 2 3 4 the bad bearing was...
  4. My B20/21 hybrid build plan - All input welcome

    3rd Gen
    Hey guys, I recently (finally) started work on the engine I plan to use to replace my worn out b21. I'm piecing together parts at the moment, and the block/crank/rods are at the machine shop as we speak. Basically what I want to do with this motor is overbuild it slightly, so I can have the...
  5. B21A1 to B20A... Clutch question

    3rd Gen
    I know this is a general question which you can search and i did. This is confusing to me so somebody please help me out.. This is the clutch I was looking at on ebay. The weird thing is it says it fits...
  6. 91 b21a1 ALB A/T limp mode can't find problem

    3rd Gen
    So everything was fine up until I tried to pass someone and I floored it. My car did nothing just reved all the way up and wouldn't shift until I let off the gas. But the car was still fully drivable just a little sluggish. I figured it was trans fluid. Checked it and it was fine. Then after a...
  7. Things to do under $200

    3rd Gen
    I have a laguna gold '90 si b21. What are some things I can do to it for under $200?
  8. selling my 91sr ALB

    3rd Gen
    hey guys, i am trying to sell my 91 sr with original 104,xxx kilometers and it has never been in a accident or anything. it is white on the exterior and dark blue interior. lady driven for 10 years 5speed manual trans original paint i have the original seat covers from the factory zero rust...
  9. B21A1 Burns Oil.....So?

    3rd Gen
    What to do to keep it running smooth as long as possible? I'm not looking to make it faster. It's fun enough for me as is....mostly stock. I may think about upgrading the susupension but probably will mostly think about it until a new suspsension is merely pocket change. There's no evidence...
  10. ALOT of smoke when accelerating

    3rd Gen
    Hey people im a lude owner bought a 1990 si b21a1 and i am having some issues with smoking. when i start her up she is amazing she idles smooth and no skips the only issue is when im acceleration the is a LOT of smoke that comes out its White-ish light blue doesnt effect the cars performance but...
  11. Intake Cam Stuck

    3rd Gen
    Alright i have a 1991 Si b21a1 completely stock. Tore down the motor for rebuild and now on the final steps. Just went to do torque down the intake and do valve clearances but the darn thing didn't want to spin. I turned the motor so hard i ended up jumping 3 teeth on the intake. So i took it...
  12. Code 15. Car drives, then randomly dies. kind of dangerous!

    3rd Gen
    hey guys, so im driving a 90 prelude SR, B21a1. anyway randomly my car started die'ing while driving. i'll be driving down the road, when all of a sudden, loose all power, dash lights go on, the engine just stopped. what the heck. after sitting for like a couple minutes, it starts back up...
  13. oil leakage.... dang. anyone have any ideas?

    3rd Gen
    hey guys, so like 15'000 km ago i attempted to rebuild my B21a1 in highschool, didnt do any re-sleeving or anything just new gaskets and piston rings etc. dont think it did anything. waist of money but good experience. anyway, my lude yet again is causing me trouble....i've had bad alternators...
  14. intake PGM-FI gasket question

    3rd Gen
    hey guys so a long time ago, while doing my first rebuild in high school (1990 B21a1) i was replacing the intake PGM-FI gasket when i noticed there was two identical gaskets in the box. didn't really think much of it, i just used one and left the other. im looking into rebuilding it again...
  15. Whats best stock motor with most HP?

    3rd Gen
    Looking to buy a 3rd gen lude. im fairly new to the honda game but i love the look of a 3rd gen. i want to get the best deal with the most power stock. ive been looking at some SI's with the B21A1. is this the best motor (140hp) or is there one out there that i have not thought of and/or seen...
  16. Rough idle/spark knock

    3rd Gen
    Bear with me here, it's my first time posting. I looked through stickies and searched but I can't seem to find something that applies to my problem. 1991 prelude Si, b21a1. Once my car is warm, the idle is pretty rough, and when i step on it, it starts to spark knock pretty bad. I've changed...
  17. B21a1 replacement issue

    3rd Gen
    Im in the proscess of replacing my B21a1 in a 90 Si 4WS. I have a problem with the placement of the 2" tube on the back of the motor where the lower radiator hose connects. It was the same on the old engine and my hose interferes with the shift mechanisms and is bent causing a restriction. Would...
  18. F/S 3rd Gen: $10 exhaust mani b21a1 or b20a5 not sure

    Uploaded with $8 +shipping
  19. Valve Lash problems, no clearance!

    3rd Gen
    hey guys i recently rebuilt my b21a1 Prelude SR engine, and when i did a compression test found i had no compression whatsoever in any of the cylinders. to get a better idea, here is what i did. i did NOT re-bore the cylinders. i replaced all piston rings, and valves. the valves are not brand...
  20. East Coast 3rd Gen

    New to Preludes all together. I received my 3rd gen as a gift from a family friend. A 1991 Prelude Si Blown B21a1 very generously included. :skull: Immediately had it replaced with another cheap high mileage (173K) B21a1 at local-Foreign-specialty shop to get things rolling. The interior is now...