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  1. It finally happened. Time to build.

    3rd Gen
    Hey guys. So I haven't posted on here for a while due to school and the Lude being in storage, but now that I'm finished it's time to get back into Luding. for those who don't know I own a 1990 Honda Prelude SR (I swapped in 4WS) with the B21a1. about 4/5 years ago in highschool I attempted to...
  2. F/S 3rd Gen: b21 Intake Manifold, TB, & Plenum

    I have a B21 intake manifold, TB, and plenum for sale. I am asking $85 obo shipped w/ in the continental US. It is actually dirtied than it looks in the pictures. Everything has been stripped to put on the one I had bored by The EGR Valve in the picture will more than...
  3. b series tps

    3rd Gen
    I tryed searching but got no results. Last week i ordered a tps sensor for my lude off ebay. Now the ad said it was for a b21 but i have a feeling the people who sold it to me have no idea the b20/1 are different than the rest of the b series. So today i put it on my car and noticed a big...
  4. Will a B20 bolt right up too B21 Motor Mounts?

    3rd Gen
    My 91 lude has a blown B21 so i gotta drop a new motor in it but i dont want another B21 cause all its done is give me problems and the one i have was really weak. So im wondering if one, will the motor bolt right up to the stock mounts? and also if i can use the B21 tranny since the B21 is...
  5. spark, fuel, turn over, NO GO!?!?!?!?!? B21A1

    3rd Gen
    Alright well i have exhausted ALL my resources. I have a 91 prelude (2nd one) with the b21A1. i got it rebuilt, newpistons, rods all that fun stuff. i have everything put back together but when i go to turn it over it doesnt fire. it turns over, i have spark and fuel. checked continuity in all...
  6. Head swap on B21A1

    3rd Gen
    Can you or has anyone put a B16 VTEC head on a B21A1 block?
  7. B20/B21 Build

    3rd Gen
    1991 Honda Prelude Si. B21a1 Automatic. Threw a connecting rod and busted the block I am rebuilding and swapping to a 5 speed. I am looking to build a mild street machine thats a daily driver. Im building a b21. So if i get a b20 block its getting milled to b21 specs. I need to know all the...
  8. love the lude, now what to do?

    3rd Gen
    hey everyone, i just got a 90 prelude si 4ws, its got the b21, 5spd, looked up the vin # and it was made in japan and shipped over, and i absolutely love it, the guy i got it from towed it behind his rv, he hit a deer with it and decided to replace the hood, left front fender, lights, bumper...