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  1. 3rd Gen
    My Motor tied up and need a new one preferably in Washington state or nearby states. THe sooner the better
  2. 3rd Gen
    okay parting out the whole car trying to make as much money as i can out of it sellin all parts resonablly cheap the only thing im not saving is the body bc of it being pretty bad shape and crushed bc i ran it over with a 79 ford f350 -complete b20a5 65,789 miles dosent burn a drop of oil...
  3. 3rd Gen
    Hey guys, i just purchased a b21a1 for my 89 lude wich had a b20a5 in it originally. I actually thought i was getting a b20a5, but i didn't check the engine code before i bought it and low and behold its a b21. :shock: I am going to do a complete rebuild on this motor. so here are a few...
  4. 3rd Gen
    I have a b21a1 91 Si Automatic. I threw a rod and busted the block. My Plans are to do a manual Swap with a rebuilt B20 or B21. I need to know all the detailed steps on an automatic to manual swap. Please Help Are the Tranny Mounts the Same? Do you Remove the A/T Computer? All that sort of...
1-4 of 4 Results