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  1. Seeking help from fellow Portland Oregon/Vancouver Washington 3G owners for no start after head swap.

    3rd Gen
    Hey everyone, We have a 89 lude with a B20a5, bought it for a thousand bucks with 70k on the odo because it had a snapped timing belt and was left in a field for a long time. We eventually sourced a new head, got it all bolted up and we've been trying to get the car to run for the last few days...
  2. Need a little help

    3rd Gen
    I'm about to send my 91 to get a head gasket done (b20a5) and I'm wanting to do a turbo build, what parts should I do aswell as I'm doing the head gasket. I know a decent bit about cars just not on what parts should I change.
  3. Degreasing and power washing Engine/Tranny, with header, intake, internals attached.

    3rd Gen
    Hey luders, So, I had to create another account, shit went sour with the old one when passwords were forced to change. Anyways, I got a question, the previous owner of the rotten 4ws shell I bought decided not to fix the leaking highpressue steering line. The crap is all over the...
  4. B20A1/A5 oil pump

    2nd Gen
    Hi there, i'm rebuilding my B20a1 engine and i'm having trouble finding a new oil pump. Does the B20a5 oil pump fit's in the b20a1?
  5. Tranny swap questions

    3rd Gen
    So I have a 1991 Honda prelude project car I'm trying to turn into my daily driver as I am currently stuck driving my big ass truck around that gets around7mpg.... Not cool or very friendly to the wallet out my funds situation, the car has a b20a5 motor with the current d2a4 tranny that's...
  6. need detailed pics of b20a5 coolant hoses, heater hoses, and vacuum hoses

    3rd Gen
    if anyone could get in their lude bay and take some pics of all these things for me that would be greatly appreciated. i bought the lude from someone who had removed all this himself so i have no idea how it was all ran to begin with and am having a hard time finding detailed pics of what i...
  7. 89 Prelude Si

    3rd Gen
  8. Cooling system problems?

    3rd Gen
    Alright so this is probably a super common topic here, but mine seems kind of unique. Either that or I haven't searched enough. Anyways, here we go. Tonight I was driving around like an idiot, drifting corners, and doing donuts in abandoned parking lots. Then I decided to go pick up a friend...
  9. Question about silicone coupler size

    3rd Gen
    So what size silicone coupler works the best on a b20a5 throttle body?
  10. 3rd Gen_ rebuild need advice

    I have a 89 2.0si i am rebuilding currently torn down i have fel pro head gasket kit, gettin the block machined for weisco 81.5 mm pistons(still need) looking into h22/f23 forged conneting rods, acl race bearings. The head will be getting rebuilt with stock valves grinded, how does this sound so...
  11. WTB B20A5 engine please! my location, Canada

    hey guys im looking for a new engine since the rebuild on my B21A1 solved nothing and it still burns oil out the ass. im looking for a nice B20A5 thats in very good condition, doesnt burn or leak any oil or fluids, and has been takin care of. if you have a nice engine thats lookin for a new...
  12. Swap or Rebuild?

    3rd Gen
    hey guys, so I have a 1990 honda prelude SR, B21a1. i bought the car for 1000$, had great exterior and interior, however one cylinder was dead. tore the engine apart and replaced the piston rings and valves. great compression all good. (first time ever going into an engine) however im still...
  13. parts

    3rd Gen
    sorry for being too lazy to search more thoroughly. i want a list of parts i need to boost a b20a5 around 10-15 psi and be close to around 350-400 whp. i know forged h23 rods. would i have to get pistons made if i bore it .020 over? what company would be less expensive but also have quality...
  14. F/S 3rd Gen: $10 exhaust mani b21a1 or b20a5 not sure

    Uploaded with $8 +shipping
  15. B20a5 cam bearing question

    3rd Gen
    well here is the issue, although i have searched for a answer i cant seem to find a solution. so the deal is that my b20a5 will burn a bit of oil under first start up after it has been sitting for a couple hours. or if it has been idling for about 5 minutes at 750rpms then you take off. it will...
  16. What ECU will fit my 89 prelude si?

    3rd Gen
    I need a new ECU for my car and i was wondering which ecu i needed. I have a B20A5 with a manual transmission. I know i need a pk2 ECU but i need to know the numbers. Will all pk2 ECU's work on my car? I just need to know so i don't buy one that doesn't work and then stuck with it because i...
  17. Vigor Throttle body for B20A

    3rd Gen
    Hey i just need a little bit of help.. i have a 1989 prelude si B20A5 i was told that u can put a a throttle body form a 94 Acura Legend or a Acura Vigor and dat it will bolt right up lines will also match.. So i went ahead n honned out my intake manifold for 2 days about 7hours of labor i got...
  18. H22 intake manifold swap into B20a5 or ITBs setup

    3rd Gen
    hey how you guys doing im new into the prelude world .... i heard of people swaping h22 intake manifolds into the b20a5 i dont know if its possible but i really would like to upgrade my stock one i also heard of a company that will machine your intake manifold to the max for $100. anyone who...
  19. Surging idle after pushing clutch down.

    3rd Gen
    Okay so i have a 1989 prelude 2.0 si with a b20a5 in it. When i start my car the idle goes up to about 1200 and stays like that till it warms up. Once i get going my belts squeal, but not all the time. Usually does it in first gear and happens randomly in other gears at low rpms. But when i...
  20. WTB: B20A5 Adjustable Cam Gears

    Preferably 5 bolt, will take 4 bolt. Reasonable price though